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How to Choose a Website to Edit Videos Online

    Last Updated on 07.06.2023

    An online video editing website is a good solution if you don’t need your own video studio, but still need to make videos.


    Let us consider the situation in more detail.

    There are many online video editors, they differ from each other in purpose, capabilities, availability of payment and their size. Their number is growing and each one finds its users.

    Why do we need online video editors when the market offers a huge selection of installable editors, for all tastes and for all occasions?

    Online video editor: why is it necessary?

    The answer is generally simple. Nowadays, any mobile phone owner can record a video, edit a video, decorate it with various effects, and post it on social networks.

    And at the same time, you don’t have to move away from the mobile phone screen!

    Of course, a mobile video editor will not replace applications for a PC: mobiles have a very small screen, very inconvenient to work with the timeline, a very small image of the video itself, everything is very small!

    But it is not always possible to install a complete video editing program on your computer.

    The main reason is the cost of the equipment. Desktop video editors, capable of doing quite serious work, require not only the main RAM, but also a video card with its own memory.

    If you’re working on a laptop, it most likely has an integrated video adapter that “borrows” the main RAM, since it simply has no memory of its own.

    Of course, if your laptop is an expensive model for gamers / gamers, then everything is different there, and the “office” model is simpler and cheaper, and when you have to work with a video editor it will slow down, for what will be simply impossible to work.

    Also, the installed video editors have their own specifics: since video production is a multifaceted process, this is reflected in the complexity of the interface.

    There is cutting and editing, color correction, transitions, working with sound, different effects, overlay styles, working with titles, and many other stages.

    For each of them, there are many settings, downloads, templates, typical values, and all this has well-established names.

    In short, working with videos on a computer is not something for beginners or specialists in other fields.

    In general, if working with videos is not your main occupation, if you do not have enough experience in this area, and if you have an underpowered computer or laptop at your disposal, then welcome to the world of online video editing.

    In this world, it will be difficult for you to make a wrong action or to lose your bearings on what is happening.

    Everything is quite simple and clear, the interface is ergonomic, it only needs a browser to work, all its stages have already been thought out by the developers in advance, and the computing power of the server does not bother you at all.

    All you have to do is upload the original files to the selected video service and do what this service is capable of. You can then download the result to your computer and/or post it on social media.

    And this can be done without installing anything on your computer, and sometimes for free and even without registration.

    In a very formal language, online video editors are SaaS (Software as a Service) systems designed to create, edit and export audiovisual content.

    And one more comment. Each service claims to have “everything you need to edit and assemble videos”, provides “a full range of options” and that the user only needs to start working and / or pay “to start creating the best videos in the world right now” .

    You and I understand why they say that, right? Therefore, we look at the real possibilities and compare them with our practical tasks.

    So let’s go there.

    But first, an important digression.

    In the process of preparing this publication, we discovered a large number of online services for working with video that are regularly present in search results and have functional sites with a completely competitive set of services.

    There are many more than we have covered in this review

    The fact is that after careful study of the services, we noticed that some of them have long since abandoned their YouTube channels and stopped posting materials on their social media pages.

    We have excluded such services from our list. Sometimes we didn’t want to do this, because there were quite interesting and original systems among them.

    If we find that such services have revamped their sites, become active on social media again and resumed work, we will definitely include them in this review when we update it. Naturally, we will include new services in the review as they appear.

    To make it easier to navigate through the variety of video editors, we have divided them into groups. We pay special attention to the specifics of each service, the differences in the methods for the formation of tariff plans and payments for services.

    Keep in mind that this list will continue to grow as new and decent online video editing services are discovered!

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    How to Choose a Website to Edit Videos Online