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34 Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps

    Last Updated on 13.09.2022

    Mobile photo editing apps – iOS and Android versions – provide many great options for technically and creatively enhancing photos.

    This segment is the most dynamic of the consumer software market. The dynamics in this case is determined by several things at once and leads to very different consequences.

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    Mobile devices are evolving very quickly: computing power is increasing, memory volumes are increasing, integrated cameras are modernizing; in general, everything improves, becomes more powerful and faster.

    Operating systems are regularly updated to support all these technical improvements.

    Parallel to this whole process of developing devices and operating systems, which has already become a kind of race for survival, developers are having more and more opportunities to include more possibilities in their applications. Those who do not do it on time are eliminated from the “race”.

    Mobile app distribution systems are much more transparent than desktop app distribution systems. Evaluations, ratings, reviews and recommendations are constantly published. This further encourages developers.

    On the one hand, the “race” and competition are good things, this is the path to progress.

    On the other hand, it happens that talented developers with original applications cannot bear this race and simply go off track.

    Or, in their eagerness to stay in the market, they adapt their developments to another operating system and the result is not always successful. But it can also happen the other way around!

    In general, the landscape in this market segment is constantly changing. But there are also permanent “players” and stable niches. One of those niches is mobile photography and everything related to it.

    In this review, we consider applications that are primarily focused on working with photos.

    Applications designed specifically to work with vector graphics, “copy Photoshop”, applications for designing various slideshows, image design, and typical marketing materials are not included in this overview.

    However, there are many applications. There are hundreds and thousands of them in every niche, and it is simply physically impossible to cover all this diversity, both for the reviewer and the reader.

    In our opinion, mobile application distribution platforms do not provide enough information for a correct orientation in all this diversity, and user reviews are not always objective.

    With this post, we are just beginning a series of articles that exist to, to some extent, correct this situation.

    Mobile photo editors for Android and iOS

    Adobe Lightroom – Classic Option

    Mobile version of the advanced universal photo editor for working with the cloud from Adobe.

    All original files, all application tool settings and all work results can be saved in the cloud. It is very convenient for those who already work with the Adobe cloud and use different devices in their work, both mobile and desktop.

    The photo editor is versatile, it includes many tools, including the means to control the camera and a smart organizer that can recognize objects in a photo and find images with these same objects among other files.

    Many tools are available for free, but you have to pay for advanced features, additional cloud storage, and additional apps. Payment is via subscription, as is the case with all Adobe cloud products and services.

    Adobe Lightroom for Android Adobe Lightroom for iOS

    Cyberlink PhotoDirector: photo processing and storytelling

    A versatile photo editor.

    Basic functions: editing, cropping, retouching, color correction, exposure change… In general, all the necessary tools are available.

    Additional advanced tools have been added, such as object selection, sky removal and replacement, local blur and focus, selfie tools, and more.

    A distinctive feature of the application is a very diverse set of styles, effects and animated overlays. There are also tools to create simple animations based on the photo itself, ie you can create simple cinemagraphs. You can also create collages.

    Connection to stock media is provided. There are tools for publishing the results of work on social networks.

    Many features are available entirely free of charge via subscription, with a choice of monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment.

    Cyberlink PhotoDirector for AndroidCyberlink PhotoDirector for iOS

    FaceApp: magical transformations from your face to another

    A photo editor designed to edit portraits. It works exclusively on the basis of artificial intelligence algorithms.

    This is exactly the photo editor that knows how to perform various transformations.

    The app also has traditional editing features. But, apparently, they are not very necessary, so they are placed at the end of the menu.

    You can change her age and gender, add and remove different looks, play with lighting, try all kinds of filters, change her hairstyle, skin color and makeup. You can even see what your kids would look like, and you can choose a second parent by taking another selfie or just find an interesting celebrity photo.

    Celebrity photos, as well as most of the legwork to transform your photos, are located and take place in the cloud, so an internet connection is required for the app to work.

    The app has high ratings and a large number of downloads on both platforms.

    Only a subset of the features is available for free, the full set of styles and effects can be purchased by subscription or as a perpetual license.

    Overall this is simply a great looking and quality toy. But it is very addictive and for some it can even be very useful.

    FaceApp for AndroidFaceApp for iOS

    Facetune, Facetune2 – Selfie as a creative masterpiece

    This app is also a selfie editor. But in this case we are talking about enhancing your photo, not transformations.

    The application contains local and general tools to retouch, improve skin tone, resize eyes, whiten teeth, adjust face shape, apply many different filters. You can add a mood to your images by replacing the background and applying various lighting effects to the image.

    All the features of the app are very intuitive to use, controlled with a single touch or simple adjustments.

    First there was a version of Facetune, it was and still is available only for iOS. This is an affordable but fully paid app.

    Then the developer, based on the original, created Facetune 2, which was implemented for iOS and Android. When creating the Android version, some of the features could not be transferred, so the iOS version remained more complete. This application for both platforms is freely available with subscription extensions.

    Facetune for AndroidFacetune for iOSFacetune 2 for iOS

    Foodie – beautiful pictures of food and much more

    Application to work with the camera and edit photos and videos.

    The camera control is very simple, but the essence of the application is different. From its name, you can guess that it is intended for editing food photos.

    It was probably like that before, but now it can process any image: selfies, food, indoor and outdoor photos.

    The app contains many tools to adjust color and clarity, blur, sharpen and more – a great set of standard tools. Settings can be saved in the custom menu.

    The main feature of the app is quick image editing using a large set of editable filters. They all work quite effectively, and it is much easier to improve a photo with their help than to spoil it. Very thoughtful filters!

    You can also scan QR codes.

    Foodie for AndroidFoodie for iOS

    Fotor: not just a photo editor

    Mobile version of a well-known online service. Like the service itself, the app is designed to edit photos, create slideshows, and design various materials using ready-made templates.

    Now we are interested in the capabilities of the photo editor.

    They’re fairly consistent compared to the capabilities of the online version, and there are plenty of them.

    All the classic editing tools of the app are available and you can use them “with one touch” or using precise settings. For quick editing, the app provides a huge collection of filters and styles.

    Given the layout and collage tools available, the app could be called “mobile photoshop” due to its versatility. Still, his main goal is to work with photographs.

    The application is integrated with the PxBee photo bank and offers the possibility to monetize your work by selling it through this photo bank. In addition, registered users can participate in a commercial photography contest.

    The app is available for free in the basic version.

    Fotor for AndroidFotor for iOS

    Gamma Play Pro: free and versatile photo editor

    A versatile photo editor that is sure to suit most users.

    In terms of functionality, the application is very balanced: as if on purpose (we don’t exclude that this was the case) all the classic and most popular tools found in other applications are included in it.

    If so, then it would seem, why do you need this application?

    It has two distinct advantages.

    First, the app is free. In exchange for a full set of tools, settings, effects, filters, and stickers, a banner is displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can get rid of it with a small one-time payment.

    Second, it is very light, fast and compact, takes up little space and does not overload the mobile device.

    We recommend that you try it.

    Gamma Play Pro for AndroidGamma Play Pro for iOS

    Movavi Picverse: simplicity as it is

    The mobile version of the online photo editor, from which the principle of adherence to minimalism in everything was clearly inherited.

    Of course, this photo editor cannot be called primitive, it has everything you need to edit photos. And even a set of stickers.

    The free version adds watermarks to your photos and limits access to tools and clipart.

    Full functionality and work without a watermark is available with a monthly subscription for Android, for iOS you can use a subscription or pay for a permanent license.

    An indisputable advantage of the application is the reputation and profile of the developer company.

    Movavi Picverse for AndroidMovavi Picverse for iOS

    PhotoLab – become an art object

    An app specially designed to turn ordinary selfie photos and portraits into pictures that can be hung on the wall. Of course, it is also not prohibited to publish them on websites, on social networks and in general anywhere.

    The essence of working with the application is the use of filters, styles and effects.

    Algorithms built on artificial intelligence technology are easily disassembled into the composition of the original photo and the face in it and all its parts are quickly found. Then choose an effect or filter, and the app completely transforms the photo.

    You can choose from a large number of possibilities. The developer reports that there are more than 900 effects available in the app.

    You can edit and replace the background, create a double exposure overlay, and quickly retouch the image. Frames, photomontages and quick and easy image layout for different purposes are not overlooked.

    The app is available for free. For a fee, you’ll get rid of banner ads and gain access to additional collections of effects. You can pay for subscriptions and one-time purchases.

    PhotoLab for AndroidPhotoLab for iOS

    Photomania: quick transformations of any photo

    This app is designed to transform photos with a single touch. Photos can be anything from selfies to industrial landscapes.

    To transform a photo, you just need to select an effect from the thematic collection that interests you. There is no adjustment to the level or extent of the effect.

    In addition to effects, the app has built-in templates designed for personal use unrelated to marketing. Greeting cards, photographs in heartwarming frames and vintage style.

    Very convenient for beginners, inexperienced or casual users who have a mobile phone with a good camera and a lot of friends and family.

    PhotoLab for AndroidPhotoLab for iOS

    Pixlr: A photo editor that can do almost anything

    The application is positioned as a universal photo editor that can solve any problem. In terms of its capabilities, it resembles a simplified version of the online editor available on the developer’s website.

    Versatility is achieved in the best possible way: the app has all the media, tools, settings, filters, effects, templates, and layouts out there. This application could be attributed to the number of “photoshop copies”, but still its main purpose is to work with photographs.

    All basic editing capabilities are included in the app. Settings and adjustments for color, brightness, contrast and other parameters can be changed within a fairly wide range using convenient and sensitive controls.

    Advanced tools are also available. You can significantly improve the quality of photos and their expressiveness, perform quite complex retouching, simulate double exposure, remove red eye, whiten teeth, simulate drawings and much more.

    The app is available for free, although some of its capabilities are not available and banner ads are displayed.

    Payment is made in the form of one-time payments for the required features and components.

    Pixlr for AndroidPixlr for iOS

    Pixomatic: the tool that changes everything

    This is a specialized application for selecting, cutting and erasing objects, removing and replacing the background, as well as advanced facial retouching.

    The app also knows how to combine multiple images based on the “double exposure” principle. There are also basic tools to edit and manage basic image settings.

    The app also includes a collection of over 100 filters, allowing the user to apply their own watermarks and texts.

    Basic features are available for free, additional features are available by subscription with monthly or yearly payment. There is a free trial period. If after its termination you have not canceled the subscription, then the connection to the paid version and the payments themselves are made automatically.

    Pixomatic for AndroidPixomatic for iOS

    piZap – Collage & Framed Photo Editor

    This application changes the focus of technical photo editing in relation to its use. We are mainly talking about collages.

    The app provides access to image collections, hundreds of fonts, stickers, collage layouts, and frames. All this is difficult to attribute to the category of design: it is about the use and design of photographs, and nothing more.

    However, all the basic tools for editing and adjusting images are also available, as in most similar applications.

    In the basic version, the application is available for free. For a fee, you can use additional media collections, as well as an online version of the application adapted for desktop systems.

    Payment: by subscription, monthly or annual payments, there is a free trial period of 7 days.

    piZap for AndroidpiZap for iOS

    Polarr: more than just retouching and editing

    A mobile version of a photo editor that also exists as an online and desktop app.

    The app has all the basic editing settings and general image adjustments. Its main difference and advantage is the combination of intelligent image segmentation and overlapping styles, effects and overlays.

    The ability to segment and select objects of various types greatly simplifies and speeds up the complex editing process. If you want to edit a series of similar photos, the application will allow you to save the settings of all used tools in the form of a custom named style and batch process and save images.

    The application supports LUT technology for working with color, provides the ability to save the created styles and exchange them with other users of the application using QR codes.

    The app is free and you can subscribe with a monthly or annual payment to use online collaboration tools and additional styles.

    Polarr for AndroidPolarr for iOS

    Prisma – art with technology

    One of the first and certainly the first successful applications that allow mobile phone owners to turn photos into paintings.

    The app has its own interface to control the camera.

    There are no classic photo editing tools in the app. More precisely, there are very similar tools, but according to the developers’ intention, they should be applied not before, but after the transformation of a photo into a painting.

    First, filters and effects that work automatically, then some adjustments to brightness, contrast, saturation, and other familiar parameters.

    The collection of filters and effects is regularly updated. The app is available for free. With a monthly or yearly subscription, you can access online community resources and a growing collection of additional filters and effects.

    Prisma for AndroidPrisma for iOS

    Snapseed: Everything you need is for free!

    A Google Photo Editor is a very solid product.

    This is exactly that photo editor. All the basic tools and a well-chosen collection of effects. The basic tools are presented in a very complete way, elaborated with great quality and with wisdom. Using them, like the whole application, is simple and pleasant.

    The interface is very intuitive and simple, there are adjustment controls in the form of curves that are rare for mobile applications.

    The app contains advanced tools in addition to the basic ones: retouch, object removal, facial correction, HDR, blur and sharpen, double exposure and much more.

    The filters and effects are very good, versatile and technically well implemented.

    IOS users rated the app as a whole not very high, but this, we assume, is because they can be very “capricious.” It works great on all devices.

    The app is free for both platforms.

    Snapseed for AndroidSnapseed for iOS

    Superimpose, Superimpose X: editing and montage

    This app is available in two versions: the “X” version supports full editing using an unlimited number of layers, the version without the letter works with two layers. Many layer blend modes are supported.

    The application is designed for advanced assembly and editing processes. Therefore, its interface contains many more elements and requires learning and getting used to, but it is worth it.

    It is worth mentioning the tools to work with selectors and masks, as well as the possibility of saving project information, cut objects and configurations.

    The capabilities of the application are close to those of desktop programs.

    Initially, the application was created in two versions for iOS and an Android version was released, which supports working in two layers and with slightly fewer tools.

    Superimpose for AndroidSuperimpose for iOSSuperimpose X for iOS

    TouchRetouch: quick retouching and removal of unnecessary stuff

    A specialized photo editor to quickly retouch faces, giving a high-quality result, and remove unwanted objects from images.

    One touch is enough to remove specks and dots.

    To remove a line or segment, simply slide your finger over it.

    To remove an object, you can simply paint it completely.

    It is done. This app does nothing else. But it performs the listed operations brilliantly.

    If, in any case, the removal of a line or blemish is not good enough, simply adjust the width of the area or line indicated.

    You can also copy and clone objects.

    The application must be paid, it does not contain advertising, it is paid once for a perpetual license.

    TouchRetouch for AndroidTouchRetouch for iOS

    Visage Lab: a beauty salon is no longer needed

    The application allows you to quickly remove the most common blemishes: whiten teeth, remove red eyes, remove oily skin shine, smooth wrinkles and hide pimples.

    But this is just the beginning: many applications can do this.

    This photo editor is capable of doing all of that automatically, right after you upload the initial photo. You can also make the changes in manual mode, if necessary.

    But that is not all. In keeping with its name, the app allows you to apply tanning or, conversely, lightening to the skin, as well as adding make-up styling effects.

    There are general effects and filters common to most photo editors.

    The app is free, you can purchase additional components and features via subscription or one-time payments.

    Visage Lab for AndroidVisage Lab for iOS

    Mobile photo editors for Android

    A Photo Studio Photo Editor

    Feature-rich photo and slideshow editor.

    In general, there is nothing unusual or that distinguishes it from the rest, except its very compact size.

    This is nothing unusual – it’s purely a software solution with no libraries or stock images that have become traditional for such applications. Aside from the photo editor itself, the app only contains a library of stickers and a set of collage templates.

    The app is free, you can purchase an advanced version for a fee.

    Photo Studio Photo Editor

    Beauty Camera

    A very simple photo editor for portraits and selfies.

    It contains a set of tools for automatic and manual face retouching and enhancement, as well as standard image editing tools.

    It is also possible to mention the means to enlarge the eyes and lift the contour of the face. There are also filters to give an atmosphere to the image and a tool to blur the background.

    In short, the entire set of tools is only intended to give the photos an acceptable appearance according to the user’s tastes and perceptions.

    The app also contains a collection of stickers and a set of collage templates.

    The application is free, contains advertising banners.

    Beauty Camera

    Coocent Photo Editor

    A mid-low level photo editor, with a fairly large set of tools and settings for general photo editing.

    Among the advanced functions, we highlight the possibility of adjusting the color profile using curves and the presence of retouching tools for the face.

    There are ready-to-use sets of styles and effects and cropping tools.

    Overall, a decent quality option for a compact and lightweight app for novice users or occasional jobs.

    The application is free, contains advertising banners.

    Coocent Photo Editor

    dev.macgyver Photo Editor

    A very light, compact and fast universal application for advanced users.

    The interface is very well thought out, strict and professional, with a deep menu system and many settings and controls. It is designed for users who understand what needs to be done and what certain functions are used for.

    There are many tools for editing photos, there are options for editing, filtering, blurring and sharpening, everything that may be necessary.

    Speaking about the application level, it is worth noting the capabilities of capturing web pages, video frames and PDF files, batch editing, ZIP compression, animation creation.

    The app allows you to save results in JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and PDF formats, as well as view, edit, and delete metadata in EXIF, IPTC, and XMP formats.

    The application is free, an advertising banner is displayed at the bottom of the screen. It can be disabled for a fee.

    dev.macgyver Photo Editor

    KVADGroup photo studio

    A real pocket photo studio.

    Lots of tools, lots of settings, lots of styles, lots of effects, texts, stickers, frames, overlays.

    For those who take the time to process mobile photos. Working with such an application is just as addictive as a game and requires no less time. Therefore, this application is best suited for those users who know exactly what kind of result they want to get in the end.

    After the basic editing operations, there is a lot to choose from. Postcards, collages, duets, storytelling: everything that is possible and acceptable to do with photographs.

    The application is free, there is advertising. You can pay to disable ads or buy the Pro version which offers more options.

    KVADGroup photo studio


    Photo editor for high-quality processing of mobile photos.

    Best of all, this app can complement the classic photo editor, which performs basic technical editing and photo quality enhancement operations. This application will allow you to make a true work of photographic art from a photo with high quality and great look.

    Of course, the application has a set of basic editing tools, but its main advantage is the system of filters and lighting effects. There are many, they are well systematized. You can also create your own effects.

    The app works great with color. In addition, you can change the background, apply inscriptions, create beautiful images using the double exposure method. There are also essential decorative elements for a mobile photo editor like backgrounds and frames.

    The app saves your device gallery photo editing history which is very convenient.

    The app is free and contains ads. By paying for the premium version, ads are removed and more filters and effects are provided.


    Photo Editor Mobile_V5

    Another version of the “pocket photo studio”.

    The app contains the bare minimum of basic editing tools, a fairly extensive set of filters and effects, and plenty of stickers, frames, and collage layouts.

    In essence, this application was created to make simple photos that are easy to process and simply decorate, so that you can share the finished image with your friends. Perhaps this is the largest and most requested category of mobile photo editors.

    It should be noted that this application contains, perhaps, the most complete set of popular tools and media of its kind.

    The application is available for free: ads are displayed.

    Photo Editor Mobile_V5


    And one more “pocket photo studio”.

    The developers have gone a little further than the competition and, along with the usual frames, offer ready-made templates for decorating photos, which contain frames, decorative overlays and stickers; you just need to insert your photo into this intricate mat.

    There are more traditional tools in the app: text overlays, a collection of filters, cutting and editing tools, creating collages for storytelling, and even blurring.

    This application does not require any qualification from the user, everything is done very simply and clearly. And the operations themselves are very simple.

    The app is available for free during the trial period (7 days).


    Toolwiz Photos

    A “pocket photo studio” for advanced users. An application very rich in functions and tools.

    The developers have collected in this application all the known ways to personalize, enhance, transform and decorate photos and made the process of use as easy as possible. Almost all operations are done with a single touch, fine adjustments are only where you can’t do without them.

    A very logical approach when it comes to working with photos on the small screen of a mobile device. The user sees the original photo, visual options to transform it, and chooses what they like best. Of course, there is nothing new in this approach, but in this application it is done very scrupulously and directly.

    Of course, this application can not be called light, but this is a completely understandable price for functionality.

    The application is free, for money you can get rid of advertising banners and increase the number of available tools and effects.

    Toolwiz Photos

    Mobile photo editors for iOS

    Affinity Photo

    An advanced mobile photo editor from a desktop app developer for professionals. It’s actually a tablet-friendly version of Affinity Photo’s flagship desktop app.

    Supports photo processing with full resolution up to 100 megapixels and higher, imports RAW, supports Adobe Photoshop file format and work with smart objects, syncs with iCloud cloud, works in different color spaces with colors 16-bit and 32-bit, supports all standard file formats, and contains almost all currently known tools and technologies for photo processing.

    The app works exactly like most advanced desktop photo editing apps, and there’s no point in listing its capabilities. We only point out that work with an unlimited number of layers is supported and the full variety of possibilities for non-destructive editing is available.

    In general, the application is in no way inferior in functionality to desktop systems, and for users who can draw with their own hands and are used to working with a stylus with an image on a tablet, it can be much more. convenient and effective than a desktop one.

    And at the same time it is much more practical, because the user of the table is much more mobile and is not limited by the need to be in his office.

    The app works on iPad and has a single license and perpetual payment.

    Affinity Photo

    Afterlight – Photo Editor

    A variant of a fully functional photo editor with decoration and artistic processing functions.

    The application is adapted to devices with screens of different sizes, so the interface is simple, understandable and quite friendly.

    A set of classic tools for editing photos, where necessary, contains controls in the form of sliders and curves, everything is done very conveniently and correctly located.

    The main potential of the application is available with the help of simple and intuitive sets of filters, effects, frames, overlays and everything else that is typical for this class of applications.

    Advanced tools such as object selection, background replacement, and double exposure are available.

    The app works best on tablets, but can also be used comfortably on mobile phones. Some of the functions are available in the free version, full access to the capabilities can be obtained by subscription or by purchasing a permanent license, the trial period is 7 days.

    Distressed FX, Distressed FX: Plus

    A very easy to use application for creative photo editing with impressive results.

    This application was made based on the work of a professional artist specialized in textures. This is the main difference between this applicatAfterlight – Photo Editor

    ion and many others that simply use the same standard solutions.

    You just need to upload a photo and choose the effect that you think best suits the theme. Style, overlay elements, and color profile settings will be applied automatically.

    The results are amazing.

    The application is paid; for an additional fee, you can purchase various themed collections of effects.

    The extended Plus version, which costs a bit more, initially includes more effects, has tools to adjust the applied filters, and control the blending modes of the filters with the processed photos.

    Distressed FXDistressed FX: Plus

    Mexture Photo Editor

    Advanced photo editor. It has all the classic photo editing and processing tools and additional tools for artistic processing.

    The app is aimed at users who are serious about mobile photography and are interested in high-quality images. So there are no popular decorations like stickers and frames in the app.

    But there are carefully designed tools for technical photo editing, with a well-thought-out interface and easy-to-use controls. And also, a carefully selected collection of graphic overlays with the ability to customize the shape and details of their use.

    Add to that the app’s ability to support an unlimited number of layers, each of which can contain its own texture or image, its own mix and rotate settings, and you have a powerful tool that blends the technical and the creative in one. the necessary proportions.

    LUT technology is supported to work with color.

    Settings for editing a photo and applying overlays can be saved as “formulas” for future use and sharing with other app users.

    The application is paid. On the developer’s site, you can buy a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, thematic sets of overlays and ready-made “formulas”.

    Mexture Photo Editor


    Super versatile photo editor from a developer of popular mobile apps.

    This app has literally everything from classic photo editing tools to cloud connectivity and the ability to enter contests.

    There is a lot in this photo editor: a gigantic set of basic and advanced editing tools, a large number of effects and filters, texts, frames and templates.

    Particularly noteworthy are the effects and filters. They are very diverse and expressive, and their set is perhaps the most complete for this class of applications.

    In general, everything that is needed for a traditional process from the moment of taking a photo to pressing the share button is very abundant.

    The application is free in the basic version, the full version is available after payment.


    PhotoLeaf Photo Editor

    This app is a “real” photo editor on your mobile phone.

    The features and capabilities correspond to the most important principle: create compositions using layering technology with customizable blend modes. Each layer can have any content.

    The application has a developed set of tools for working with skins, therefore it allows cutting and pasting objects, removing and replacing the background.

    The app has all the tools for basic and advanced editing, color and light work, blurring and sharpening; in general, everything that a mobile photographer who thinks independently on the creative side of his work could possibly need.

    Most importantly, all of these tools work well and predictably, and do exactly what is expected of them. This is the main advantage of this photo editor.

    The app is free, all additional tools and features are available after payment.

    PhotoLeaf Photo Editor

    Editorial opinion

    Even with the wide variety of mobile photo processing apps, they all have one thing in common.

    These, unlike desktop applications, are less focused on the routine work of improving the images themselves, and more on creativity, the result of which must be displayed on the screens of mobile devices.

    Of course, it cannot be otherwise. Mobile devices, even the most advanced ones, do not compete with desktops in terms of content creation and editing in terms of technical quality.

    And any “art” that’s appropriate on a small screen can reliably divert attention from technical blemishes, which in themselves don’t matter much when viewed on a mobile phone.

    But the purpose of the photo editing result is decisive.

    Versatile editing applications

    Of course, all users need classic photo editors that have the expected set of tools. Anyone who uses the mobile camera to take photos must have one or two such photo editors on their phone.

    Adobe Lightroom is suitable for those who work or plan to work with the Adobe cloud.

    Cyberlink PhotoDirector can not only edit photos, but also add animation to them.

    Fotor is interesting for having tools to create slideshows and work with the design of various templates, as well as for the ability to monetize their work and participate in commercial photography contests.

    Gamma Play Pro Photo Editor is a full-featured classic mobile photo editor , light and free.

    Movavi Picverse is a very simple classic for beginners.

    Photomania is an application for quick editing of photos with thematic effects.

    Pixlr is a versatile photo editor that can be used with success even in the free version.

    Snapseed offers all the options for complete image editing for free.

    Superimpose, Superimpose X are suitable for everyone who wants to achieve the highest possible image perfection from one device mobile.

    A Photo Studio Photo Editor and Coocent Photo Editor are simple free photo editors for beginners or occasional use.

    dev.macgyver Photo Editor is quite a powerful photo editor for an expert user, not suitable for beginners.

    KVADGroup Photo Studio, Mobile_V5 Photo Editor and PicPlus are suitable options for users who always have a lot of photos that they want to decorate, frame and send to their friends.

    Toolwiz Photos is a combination of a powerful and easy-to-use photo editor and an extensive set of photo decorating tools.

    Afterlight – Photo Editor is suitable for iPhone and iPad users to quickly and efficiently solve editing, artistic processing and decoration tasks of pictures.

    Photofox is a complete solution for all stages of receiving, processing and publishing photos, available to iPhone and iPad users, regardless of their qualifications and experience. The possibilities to apply effects are especially good.

    PhotoLeaf Photo Editor is a classic photo editor for iPhone and iPad, mainly focused on image quality, suitable for beginners and experienced users .

    Applications for advanced photo retouching

    Pixomatic combines the capabilities of a classic mobile photo editor with detailed retouching tools and smart tools for select and manipulate large objects.

    Polarr not only provides tools for local retouching and manipulation of image objects and segments, but also which also allows you to do batch edits.

    TouchRetouch can remove any object quickly and efficiently.

    Beauty and selfie apps

    Beauty Camera is suitable for inexperienced users and teenagers.

    FaceApp combines technical excellence, simplicity, variety of results and is also incredibly entertaining on its own. And, of course, it is interesting because of the unpredictability of the result.

    Facetune, on the other hand, can provide not only a predictable result, but exactly what is required . This is exactly a selfie editor especially focused on the sensible creation of beautiful portraits.

    Visage Lab is a simple and effective portrait and selfie editor, mainly to work with the skin.

    Creative applications

    Foodie offers excellent collections of effects for themed photos.

    PhotoLab turns photographic portraits into paintings and works of art.

    Prisma knows how to do almost nothing but turn any photograph into paintings of any style, any direction and even any famous artist.

    Lumii is a nice addition to a classic photo editor, allowing you to do artistic photo processing.

    Distressed FX, Distressed FX: Plus – Applications for creating real works of art based on high-quality photos only.

    Applications for professional work

    Affinity Photo is a photo editor for professional photo editing on an iPad tablet, a really good alternative to desktop systems.

    Mextures Photo Editor is an advanced photo editor for mobile photography professionals.

    34 Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps
    Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps