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Best Dedicated Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS

    Last Updated on 19.06.2022

    There are a lot of mobile video editors out there that barely fit into the standard categories when it comes to their parameters.

    Among them, there are applications designed for use in specific situations or to perform a specific task that is not standard.

    There are some that were created just to be different from others. And also, those that are capable of surprising or giving the user a unique and different tool from the others.

    In this review, we try to consider different options from that group of applications.

    Action Director: video editor for dynamic videos

    An easy-to-use video editor with an intuitive interface, equipped with a set of some of the most effective and popular transitions.

    The ability to reverse the video, easily adjustable replays and slow motion. Animated texts and a set of ready-to-use color filters.

    Everything has a high quality and with a high technical level. The scores are very good. In general, as the developer promises, the application is “focused” on the production of viral video clips.

    Have we forgotten something?

    Yes, it is worth mentioning the video recording from the application.

    The whole process is simplified and accelerated to the limit: record a video, quickly and easily make a clip from it, apply filters, transitions and effects, write the necessary texts and publish the result.

    In essence, this is very similar to Power Director, from which all possibilities that require additional manipulation have been removed, and easy-to-use tools have been added instead, and exactly those that are necessary for dynamic videos.

    The video editor works in HD 1080p resolution, 4K resolution is possible with the paid version.

    Action Director

    Camli – Video Maker & Beauty Camera video editor

    Another video editor focused on beauty stories. It is suitable for working with video materials and slideshows, importing videos and photos.

    The work is carried out on the timeline with standard tools.

    There is a set of templates and a collection of music tracks, with predominantly romantic content. There are also quite a few stickers and options for titles and thumbnails with text.

    The video editor is available for free (with ads) or by subscription. In free mode, it supports resolution no higher than SP 480p.


    Framelapse: timelapse and fast motion videos

    This app for working with timelapse is perhaps the most advanced that we have reviewed. Functionality: Common for this class of applications, but more sophisticated control over the recording process.

    The application has a built-in calculator, which is used to calculate the time parameters of the final video, is able to analyze scenes and suggest intervals to record them, and allows you to effectively control exposure and color.

    The application is available in a free version and in a Pro version.

    The free version has no recording time limit and supports up to 4K resolution. Some features only have fixed predefined settings. There is no advertising in the free version.

    The Pro version allows you to set the recording interval in the range of 0.1 seconds to 24 hours, you can turn off the screen during shooting to save power, it allows you to adjust the bit rate, and it supports white balance lock and white balance. exposure lock.

    The interface is very simple and has almost no editing features.

    But in the process of recording, you can set necessary parameters so that when you personally edit your video, you won’t need to correct almost anything.

    Actually, if we consider the control of frame rate and playback speed, then from this application video editors just don’t have to do anything else with it.


    GiphyCam: everything for stickers and GIFs

    Free mobile version of a suite of online video editor, messenger and search service.

    The app integrates with an online platform and is designed to search a huge library of stickers, memes, GIFs, and short videos to share on social media.

    There is also an option called GIF Camera: you can create and edit your own GIFs from short videos, photos and collections available in the app.

    From the developer site, you can download a JavaScript code snippet to insert GIFs and stickers as interactive elements on the website and app pages.


    GoPro on your phone!

    A very special video editor! Once installed on your mobile phone, you can connect it to your action camera. You can also connect it to the GoPro cloud service and use all the possibilities to work with video, from capture to publication.

    The app is feature rich and a simple video editor is just one part of it. For the app to work properly, you need a GoPro account. Facebook and YouTube accounts are also required.

    This approach has been used for a long time by many eminent manufacturers of photo and video cameras, so the application does not offer anything fundamentally new. It is just an app for GoPro series cameras.

    The following features of the application’s work with video can be noted:

    • control the camera from your phone,
    • view the footage,
    • footage can be automatically saved to the cloud,
    • work with 360º video is supported,
    • can convert 360º videos to normal format,
    • the ability to manipulate perspective.

    The video editor is focused on high-speed editing: trimming, multi-selection and automatic pasting of video fragments. There are convenient controls to control the speed of snippet playback.

    Tools for adjusting color and light are good, there are collections of filters and transitions. You can choose from ready-to-use themes so that your entire video is automatically created in one style.

    Plus, your GoPro camera can now stream in real time!

    The app is free, to access all the features, you need a subscription to online services on the developer’s website, it’s affordable, and in addition, one year of subscription service is usually included in the service package when you buy an app. camera.

    GoPro QuickGoPro Quick

    Kwai – video editor and popular video social network

    Social network to share short and funny videos.

    Music videos, lipsings, pranks, talents and more. Record, edit, share.

    And this is not TikTok.

    The video social network itself is, of course, similar to all other video social networks. After Instagram, they began to appear one after another. They are all similar to each other.

    And yet there are differences. They are few, but they allow each video social network to have its own fans. And Kwai has 700 million.

    We don’t know what will happen to this video social network next, but let’s take a closer look at the app.

    The interface is simple, as it should be. A lot of simple animated stickers, emojis, effects and texts.

    The main difference from Kwai is the presence of a rubricator. It’s simple, but the categories are clearly highlighted and the video editor is designed to prepare themed videos.

    You can also create custom emojis on it, as well as make “live photos” according to the cinemagraph principle.

    The editor itself is pretty standard, it’s comfortable and easy to use.

    The finished videos can be saved and shared on different social networks.


    Likee – A video editor and popular video social network for teens

    Likee, a short video sharing social network for youth and teens, is another fast-growing global social platform.

    To work with the platform, an integrated application is provided that performs the functions of recording, mounting, editing and publishing videos.

    The application interface is extremely simple and straightforward. The main focus is the decoration of the video with visual media typical of the general design of children’s and adolescent content.

    These are color stylizations, themed and custom stickers, music files and effects.

    The finished video can be posted on social networks or saved to the device.


    Love Video Maker: app for creating romantic videos

    It seems that the developers of this video editor are people of exceptional sentimentality and, in general, put the topic of interpersonal relationships at the forefront of their work.

    Romance and love, memorable dates, parties for loved ones – just take a look at their profile on Google Play!

    Be that as it may, they occupied this thematic niche very seriously.

    The video editor in question is very simple. In every sense. It has a simple interface, easy to learn, easy to master and easy to use, and can make simple slideshows and videos.

    Everything is very simple: everywhere there is pink color, hearts and flowers. Romantic background music, soft effects and sentimental collages… what else is needed for people who want to tell the whole world about their happiness?

    The app is of course free. But it contains ads – this is the least evil that developers could afford in relation to romantic video authors.

    The app works in HD 1080p and 4K resolutions.

    Love Video Maker

    Mobi Recorder: application to record and edit videos from the screen

    An application that can be useful in many cases. You can not only take screenshots, but also record a video that captures everything that happens on the screen.

    Sound is also recorded, and not just from the microphone, but also from the app, which is the recording source.

    In a nutshell, you can turn the process of playing a video game, searching in the browser, communicating on social media, creating business graphics into a video; In general, you can record everything that happens on the phone screen in the video.

    The app allows you to overlay a “selfie video” from the front camera on top of the video recording, as well as simultaneous voice recording.

    Control of the recorder is very comfortable and simple.

    The app contains a simple yet powerful video editor with all the standard editing and editing tools. In addition, the application contains many templates, filters, effects, transitions, as well as a collection of stickers, fonts, music recordings.

    The app supports 1080p HD resolution. It is distributed for free (with ads) or paid in the Pro version.

    Mobi Recorder

    Pelicut – Free Music Video Editor

    A video editor from the developer of Mobi Recorder screen recorder, which is also included in this review.

    In its capabilities, interface design, and technical parameters, it is very similar to the Mobi Recorder app’s built-in editor.

    But there are also differences.

    The main difference is that the app is completely free (contains ads).

    The editor itself contains the classic bare minimum of standard tools for assembling and editing on the timeline.

    A set of themes, effects and transitions is available for you to decorate your videos. There are also stickers and collections of GIFs. You can also add your own handwritten inscriptions and drawings made directly on the screen.

    The developer also provides access to a collection of licensed music recordings.

    The application allows you to automatically synchronize the video stream with the music track.

    The app supports 1080p HD resolution.


    Tempo – music video editor

    This video editor is specially designed to create music videos. It has everything to endlessly combine your music or sound files from the app library with your photos and videos.

    The easy-to-use video editor is complemented by extensive collections of ready-to-use themes, transitions, and effects.

    The video editor supports HD 720P and HD 1080P resolutions. It is distributed free of charge as a fully functional version that works for 3 days. To continue using the application, you must subscribe. A pretty sensible approach.


    TikTok: video editor and global video community

    You can write a lot about this app or write nothing at all.

    The video social network TikTok is everywhere, it continues to grow rapidly, people, businesses and money are flowing into it.

    Why is it so attractive to users?

    We won’t even try to cover the whole picture of what’s going on.

    Let’s try to find advantages in the video editor, which is integrated in the client application, and highlight some of the features of video recording and use.

    Not to be distracted anymore at this point, we note that the app not only allows you to create and post videos, but also provides the ability to broadcast in real time (if you have more than 1000 subscribers).

    The built-in video editor is pretty predictable in terms of editing. Its biggest feature is the ability to use millions of licensed music tracks and sound effects, and the recommendation mechanism automatically suggests the most “viral” and “trending” options.

    There are also plenty of skins, stickers, and visual effects available, all of which are most in demand by the service’s audience.

    The video recorder built into the app deserves a separate mention.

    To stay within the maximum allowed duration of the main video (1 minute, although in some cases it is possible to publish 3 minute videos), you can use a special timeline that will stop recording when the estimated end point of the fragment is reached.

    This is more difficult to explain than to understand in practice. A very convenient opportunity.

    The resulting videos can be saved to drafts, posted to the TikTok network, and shared on other platforms. The author can download the published video from the network to his device at any time.

    Attention! If not prohibited by the author, other users will be able to download the video.

    The application is distributed free of charge.


    Vizmato: a simple film studio

    It is simple because everything is simple to do. And it is a film studio because there are many possibilities to create videos.

    The developers set themselves a very difficult task, but they achieved what they wanted.

    First of all, there is a recorder that allows you to record with effects in real time. Slow and fast motion functions are available. Very comfortable.

    There’s a classic video editor, a slideshow composer, and an animated GIF editor.

    There are also effects, a collection of background music, clipart – this is not at all surprising today.

    The app contains filters and unusual sound effects, which allow you to change the timbre of a voice in a wide range of possibilities and give you various sound options, from imitating the voice of a small child to those of fictional monsters.

    The application really has a very simple and intuitive interface and does not cause any difficulties from the first minute of operation. At the same time, all basic video editing features are supported in the timeline.

    The application contains a large number of themes and filters that can be combined to give the desired style and mood to the entire video.

    The developers have made the selection of collections of audio and video effects very carefully. Almost everything that is available makes a video look professional and modern.

    Videos can be exported in various formats, including GIF format.

    A truly versatile app. And it entered this review for a reason: the developers maintain their own video social network, which can be accessed directly from the app.

    In our opinion, this is the most advanced video editor integrated into a social network, no matter how small.


    Editorial opinion

    If you shoot interesting video content that is valuable and engaging, chances are you need effects and transitions that emphasize the content and plot.

    For dynamic video clips, we definitely recommend the Action Director. Working with this application itself is very dynamic: there is nothing superfluous and nothing that makes assembly and editing difficult.

    Camli is perfect for people with no experience in working with videos, teenagers and beauty entrepreneurs.

    If you want to create your own stickers and GIFs, or need access to collections of pre-made works, or not only want to touch the world of social pop culture, but start to get acquainted with augmented reality technology, take a look at GiphyCam.

    If you intend to create themed slideshows, you should pay attention to Love Video Maker.

    For creators of your own music videos, Pelicut and Tempo are a good option.

    If you want to have all of the above in one application, try realizing your creative ideas with Vizmato.

    To work on social networks, pay attention to TikTok, Kwai and Likee (although you can use only the video editors, if for some reason they suit you according to your abilities).

    And several applications to solve very specific problems.

    Framelapse is suitable for creating timelapses and fast motion videos.

    For action camera users and those who make 360º videos, GoPro Quick is definitely a recommendation.

    Mobi Recorder will help you create a video from what you that happens directly on the screen of your mobile phone.

    In our opinion, the collection of video editors gathered in this review is diverse enough that you can choose exactly what you need.

    We will keep an eye out for new products in this mobile app segment and will update you regularly.

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    Best Dedicated Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS
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