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Best Mobile Video Editing Apps for Business and Marketing

    Last Updated on 19.06.2022

    There are a number of specialized applications that bridge video capabilities and business needs, it’s absolutely amazing.

    Mobile video is currently the most effective type of information, the most demanded by companies and the most popular among consumers, and the mobile phone is the most popular device to view it.

    This is most likely a temporary thing, and in the near future we will see serious competition developing in this segment of mobile applications.

    In the meantime, we’ll consider existing apps and replenish your list as new products are released.

    AdDirector: Video Editor for Mobile Marketing

    Cyberlink was one of the first companies to react to business needs and launched a specialized video editor designed to create promotional videos for distribution on social networks.

    The application allows you to create videos very quickly, even without your own video and photo materials. It is enough to choose a theme template, add your logo and texts, exchange some elements of the future video, and you can save and publish the result.

    Collections of templates are available for a variety of business purposes, from company branding to product-specific advertising.

    Video formats for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, SnapChat, and YouTube are supported.

    To personalize your videos, you can connect to Shutterstock collections.

    The application is available by subscription with monthly or annual payment. When using the free version, access to the template and material collections is limited.


    Boosted: Video editor for business promotion

    A mobile video editor with a simple interface and a selection of templates of various types and sizes. Templates are grouped by theme and aspect ratio according to social media requirements.

    The video editor itself is quite common, the developers focus on ease of use and ready-to-use templates with the included ability to customize them during video editing.

    The app is available for free, with subscription access to additional templates and media libraries. The developer does not specify the sources or volumes of the music collections.

    There are online versions of companion apps for separate video categories.


    Crello – video, story and layout maker

    This app is not intended to be a complete mobile video editor. The developers honestly state that this is a visual builder. Actually, for applications of this type, this is probably a more appropriate name, but it does not change the matter: the application allows you to create videos.

    The video editor itself works in the cloud, with access to online collections of its own templates and resources from the DepositPhotos service.

    “Design” is the keyword for this app. The idea behind it is the same as that of many online services specialized in rapid design, such as the well-known Canva service. Only, unlike them, Crello also allows you to create videos. The following formats are supported:

    • square video for Instagram posts,
    • vertical video for Instagram Stories,
    • video in HD resolution of 1920×1080 px,
    • cover video for Facebook page 1702×630 px,
    • vertical video for Facebook Stories,
    • animated square logo 500×500 px.

    The application is distributed free of charge, a tariff plan with extended access to clip art and some features is available.

    The developer’s site has an online version of the app and a companion app for converting videos to GIFs, lots of demo and training materials, as well as materials for marketers.


    Hippo Video: video editor to create content that impresses the client

    A new app from the Hippo Video online service, which we reviewed in another review.

    The idea behind the app is to produce videos very quickly for use in communication channels for marketing and sales promotion purposes.

    Simply put, custom or quickly crafted videos are immediately posted on a commercial platform or sent in an email newsletter.

    The app, like the online service, is integrated with several leading e-commerce platforms.

    The possibilities for creating and editing videos are very specific and fully correspond to the stated goals: quickly record, quickly add elements of corporate brand identity, add text, and immediately use the final result in marketing and promotional materials.

    The application itself is distributed free of charge and the use of the application is included in the free tariff plan of all the original service. For normal and complete work, you must have an online platform account.

    Hippo VideoHippo Video

    Promo: creator of promotional and commercial videos

    Another application option for high-speed assembly of sales videos.

    This app also integrates with an online platform which has many possibilities. For normal and complete work, an account is necessary.

    It would be more correct to consider this application as a convenient mobile version of the video editor for the online platform, which provides an extensive set of tools.

    The app allows you to create promotional videos for free assignments and also specifically for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

    There are many templates to choose from, created for different lines of business and a variety of special events related to holidays and sales.

    The video editor can be downloaded for free, and if necessary, the missing media resources can be purchased.

    In addition, the use of the application is included in all the paid tariff plans of the online platform.


    Videofy – Slideshow Maker for Shopify

    Another mobile video editor from the Vimeo platform, this time designed specifically for the Shopify commerce system.

    A new product that has recently ceased to be a beta version.

    Focused on the quick work of creating promotional videos, video editors like this have become a trend on online platforms, many of which recently only had online and installable versions for desktop computers.

    The application has a simple and intuitive interface. The resulting videos can be published at your discretion, there are no special conditions or restrictions.

    It is essentially a lite version of the Vimeo Create app. Free distribution. The connection to the tariff plans of the main service is being checked.

    The app is available on the Shopify App Store.


    VideoADKing: everything for the production of marketing videos

    Mobile video editor, ad video maker from templates, and intro/outro editor in one app.

    In fact, the developer offers not one, but as many as 6 applications (there are 7 on the company’s website), which are designed to solve various practical tasks for creating videos for various purposes, of different nature and format.

    Basically, we are talking about a bundle of apps, just select the one you want.

    As for the app in question, there are no surprises here. Create videos from templates or from scratch, the ability to include your videos and sound or download them from collections connected to the application, add texts and effects.

    In the same way, the construction of intros and outros is carried out: choosing a template, adding a logo and text, and saving the result.

    The video editor provides timeline editing, export to MP4 or GIF.

    In free mode, the app applies its own watermarks, provides a limited set of templates, and makes the results only export in low resolution.


    Marketing VideoMaker – Promotional Video Editor

    A simple mobile video editor from templates or from scratch.

    A nice feature is that all templates after being included in the video are 100% editable (surprisingly, this feature doesn’t exist in all apps).

    The app is free.

    Marketing VideoMaker

    Editorial opinion

    It seems that a boom in this type of applications awaits us, very similar to the explosive growth of the online video editor segment two or three years ago.

    It’s natural to expect mobile video editors to simply come out on top among developers working with desktop and online systems.

    Of course, in this case it will be difficult to wait for new products. We hope that developers who are just entering this market will delight us with something really new.

    We would also like to point out that this segment is just beginning, and it would be reasonable to expect in it not only applications for editing by templates or in the classic timeline, but also video editors that would offer animated commercial graphics, for example.

    Until now, we mainly have applications aimed at solving, with varying degrees of professionalism, the obvious tasks of producing simple marketing videos.

    Among the apps reviewed, we liked AdDirector, Crello and Promo more than others.

    From AdDirector attracts the level of technical performance and good reputation of the developer. In addition, this application has a transparent link to the Shuttersctock collections, which makes the use of media collections completely legal.

    Crello also officially cooperates with a large media stock – DepositPhotos, which guarantees the legality of the use of materials. The added value is the integration of the application with the Crello online platform that offers a plan Pro at a very affordable price.

    We liked Promo video editor not only because it is integrated with the online system. The huge and well-structured theme template system makes a good impression.

    We also liked the system itself, which provides a great set of online tools to solve specific problems.

    We will regularly update this review and hope that noteworthy, original and functionally rich applications will appear in this segment soon.

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    Best Mobile Video Editing Apps for Business and Marketing
    Best Mobile Video Editing Apps for Business and Marketing