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Best Online Video Editors for Business and Marketing

    Last Updated on 19.06.2022

    Online video editor for business tasks can be a much more convenient option than installing a classic application on a computer.

    In this review, we have included video editors and services that are created specifically to solve problems in one way or another related to business.

    Here you will find the tools that entrepreneurs, SMM specialists, bloggers, freelancers, marketers, consultants and other professionals need.

    Arguably the most sought after and feature rich group of online video creation and editing systems today.

    Adobe Spark – Suite of Tools for Performing Marketing Tasks

    The company does not explicitly state who this product is intended for, but its capabilities speak for themselves.

    The service includes three applications that allow you to create very quickly:

    • graphics to publish on social networks (Spark Post),
    • static web pages to display on devices of different types (Spark Page),
    • short videos (Spark Video).

    The service, of course, is in the cloud. There is a free tariff plan and there is a trial period when choosing a more affordable tariff plan.

    When using the free version, the service leaves its own watermarks.

    The mobile versions of all the applications of the service, including the video editor, are available only for iOS. For Android, only the Spark Post app is available.

    All custom project information is stored in Creative Cloud, allowing mobile apps to sync with the web version.

    To speed up the work, the service provides a large number of templates and access to stock media files.

    The service is available by subscription with monthly or annual payment. In addition, the service is included in the package when you buy applications from the Adobe Premiere family.

    Adobe Spark

    Biteable – Online Video Editor to Quickly Create Marketing Videos

    Service for specialists in SMM. It is totally focused on creating video content for social networks and covers all types and formats that are known today.

    Except for TikTok, but this is not a problem either, you just need to take the same format as for Instagram Stories.

    Working with the service consists of choosing a suitable format and template and then editing them online using your own materials or materials taken from the media collection.

    You can choose from a large number of standard formats and thematic templates for different areas of the business.

    The service is affiliated with the well-known StoryBlocks media platform and provides access to its library, starting with the free plan.

    The free plan allows you to use all the features of the service, but in a resolution limited to 480p and with the service’s watermarks.

    Paid plans allow you to upscale to HD1080p and do not limit the number of downloads.

    A large number of training and information materials exist, a calendar is maintained showing holidays and memorable days.


    Canva – Online Video Editor to Create Videos on Templates

    The service has been known for a long time, it is well known to specialists in social media promotion.

    The video editor itself is nothing special, but it’s not necessary. It is extremely easy to use, has an intuitive interface, and is accessible enough for an inexperienced person to master in a few minutes.

    Like all applications on the platform, it is designed to very quickly create a visual product that looks attractive and is intended to be used in a specific situation. Working with it has the same structure as when creating ordinary graphic designs.

    The service offers the templates of the main social networks. You can work in free format. As with the rest of the applications on the platform, there are collections available.

    In this case, not only photos and design templates, but also music and videos.

    The results of the work are saved in the cloud of the service. You can do the following with them:

    • download videos with HD 1080p resolution,
    • download files in GIF format,
    • export selected frames for printing,
    • post on social networks connected to your account,
    • save project data to your personal space on,
    • transfer the video for further processing to the Moovly platform, which we will now consider.

    The use of the service is paid by subscription.

    The free tariff plan allows you to use the video editor, but in this case the means of publication on social networks are not available, the branding tools do not work, and only a small part of the clipart is available.

    But the amount of disk space is 5 GB, so in many cases a free plan is suitable for the first stage of work.

    The Pro plan costs $11.99/month when billed monthly and $8.99/month when billed annually.

    When buying this plan, there are practically no restrictions, except for the limit of 100 GB of disk space, support for 1 set of branding and the lack of tools to organize teamwork.

    All the limits listed will go away when you switch to the Enterprise plan, which costs $27 per month if paid annually.


    Design Wizard – Online Video Editor and Video Design Master

    Really, this is not just a video editor.

    This is a service that allows you to create various types of production using ready-made templates, from Valentine’s card templates to marketing video templates.

    If you need, for example, to make a cover video for your Facebook page or a video ad for LinkedIn, no problem.

    Service features:

    • focus on digital marketing,
    • a lot of design options for various themes, various business areas and different social platforms out of the box,
    • a lifetime license for the resale of the created works, including the design materials provided by the platform, which is valid even after you stop using the service.

    The free rate is only suitable for familiarizing yourself with the system. In this case, you will have to pay extra for downloading the work done.

    You can work with video materials only if you pay for the Business plan ($49.99/month). Other tariff plans allow you to work only with images.

    Design Wizard

    Hippovideo: Online Video Maker for Business

    What does participation have to do with it?

    Actually, it was on this word with not very obvious meaning that the creators of the service built their concept, technical implementation and provided capabilities.

    The service implies a very deep involvement of its users with the platform, as it contains everything you need and provides a complete set of tools: from the possibility of importing materials and capturing video to publishing the final results on your video hosting.

    Everything you need is also available.

    The service is completely focused on marketing and business, and this can be seen in the range of semantic formats offered: video sales, videos to help the customer, to organize communications, for actions related to marketing purposes, for education and for training.

    For some types of businesses, special templates and solutions are offered, for example, for doctors and real estate agents.

    As expected, the video editor is very easy to use. In addition to the editor itself, the platform provides a large number of related applications that cover all the tasks of producing videos.

    Platform services are paid by subscription: monthly, quarterly or annually. There are no fixed rate plans. Depending on the type of business you are doing, you create a tariff plan yourself using the interactive configurator.

    The price level is roughly in line with the average of similar platforms or a little higher. Technical capabilities can hardly be called unusual.

    But when it comes to business-focused capabilities, the Hippovideo platform stands out from the crowd.

    We won’t be able to list all the possibilities here; your list is too long. Let’s take a look at lead generation tools integrated into video, surveys, forms, annotations, and buttons.

    The platform is tightly integrated with Google services, through customer support, email newsletters, and many other business tools.

    The service also offers mobile versions in the form of apps for iOS and Android.

    Free rate available. It is quite suitable for getting acquainted with the capabilities of the service and for the initial stage of work, if you are not upset by watermarks.

    You can use all the features of the video editor for free, work in HD 720p resolution and create an unlimited number of videos up to 15 minutes long.

    The maximum amount of imported data is 500 MB.

    The service does not limit the number of downloads, but within each tariff plan there is a limit on the amount of data downloaded, which can be increased at an additional charge. The free tariff plan allows you to download up to 100 GB per month.


    Invideo: Online Video Maker for Business Professionals

    The service provides a classic-style video editor that works in a browser window with a timeline and layer support. The interface is simple, intuitive and easy to use.

    You can launch the video editor at the same time you choose a template type directly from the site pages, or select a template type manually after launching the editor.

    The video editor supports horizontal, square, and vertical layouts.

    The service offers the following possibilities:

    • 3000+ themed templates to choose from,
    • active use of animation tools for backgrounds and objects,
    • automatic text-to-speech translation,
    • organization of group work on a project,
    • automatic publication in social networks,
    • 24/7 support.

    The service is associated with the main image banks and offers access to a large number of premium and free photos and videos, depending on the tariff plan.

    In short, this service only provides video production tools for commercial purposes, and it does it very well.

    There is an opportunity to use the service for free after registration. In this case, the service applies its own watermarks to the video and limits the resolution to SD 480p.

    Payment for using the service: by subscription.

    There are only two paid plans: Small Business for $10 and for Unlimited $30 per month when paid for a year. With a monthly payment, it will be twice as expensive.

    The Small Business plan limits finished video downloads to 60 per month and used premium images and videos to 300 per month.

    There are no such restrictions in the unlimited rate plan. In the rest the tariff plans are identical.


    MakerMoon: Online Video Editor for Real Estate Agencies

    A specialized video editor, specifically designed to create videos showing homes, combined with video hosting.

    Actually, it is a simple and very versatile slideshow editor. Slideshows can be beautifully animated, moved and resized. Moving subtitles are supported, you can overlay a logo on the image, add sound.

    The finished video can be downloaded to your local computer, you can simply copy and use the link to the video file stored in the service, you can get the code to embed it in your web resources.

    Tariff plans are affordable and pay only annually, but you can work with the editor for free and without registration to assess the correspondence of its capabilities with the tasks to be solved. HD 720p resolution is supported for free.

    Switching to paid plans means unlimited use of the service in terms of number of videos created, number of downloads, and video hosting.

    By purchasing the more expensive Professional plan for $119/year, the service provides multiple access and the right to sell the created videos.


    Moovly: Online Video Maker for Training and Tutorial Videos

    Why for production instead of creating and editing?

    Because the Moovly platform is a production line in the best sense of the word. A production line that can guarantee the production of a large number of videos, if that is exactly what you need.

    The service offers many video templates for business (marketing and sales, HR, internal communications, for branding), training (for teachers, for students, for staff, video tutorials) and personal (free mapping and formatting ).

    Now, a little about the production. We are talking about the automated production of videos for automatic publication on social networks and in e-mail. The service supports three types of video creation:

    • fast video production by replacing images and texts in templates (own templates and client templates are supported),
    • generation of a series of videos with information selected from a list or database,
    • conversion of Twitter, RSS and other feeds into videos.

    For work, the platform offers the Moovly Studio video editor, the Video Automator video production automation program, mobile applications – companions for iOS Android, as well as a plugin for CMS (website content management systems). ) WordPress.

    Something surprising is that a WordPress plugin is not what you think. This is not a built-in player.

    This is a video generator from your website content!

    We cannot guarantee the quality of the plugin at the time of writing this article, because it is marked as a beta version and is not compatible with the latest versions of WordPress; we do not verify it. But the idea is interesting.

    Payment: by subscription, monthly or annually. The prices correspond to the average of this group of services. The free tariff plan allows you to work, but with restrictions, which make it a suitable demo version to get acquainted with the service.

    In the paid versions, the platform works in HD 1080p resolution and provides all the necessary tools.

    Something surprising is the strict restrictions on the number of downloads, even for paid plans, but in real life, 25 or 50 videos produced per month with Pro and Max rates respectively is a lot for any professional.

    And 100 is only possible for those who bought the Enterprise plan and work with a team, but this is still a lot.


    Placeit: Online Video Maker and Design Platform

    This service is a true source of ideas and solutions for mockups, design options, logos and videos. It is very extensive and varied, and on its pages you can find many solutions for both virtual objects and real products.

    For video production, the platform provides:

    • several of the most popular formats,
    • hundreds of “smart” templates,
    • 2000 music files,
    • a set of tools (video editor, video trimmer, slideshow generator, thumbnail editor).

    You can use the service by subscription. There is an unlimited rate plan: $14.95/month when billed monthly or $89.69 for one year of use.

    You can also use the service for free, but in this case you will have to pay for each design or template used separately.

    The video editor is very simple and easy to master.


    PowToon: Online Video Maker for Business Communications

    In fact, the service provides an advanced video editor with a large number of templates grouped by business type.

    Initially, the service is intended to integrate with major social networks and is certified by YouTube as a service for use by authors.

    There are also plugins for the Google Chrome browser: for a quick start in a browser window and for organizing teamwork using Google Drive.

    The platform’s services are grouped into thematic packages linked to the types of user activity (business, agency, education, marketing, training, communications, remote work) and are provided according to tariff plans with a regular monthly or annual payment.

    Technically, the service is similar in its capabilities to its competitors and does not stand out in any way.

    Using the free plan, you can use 100 MB of disk space, create videos up to 3 minutes long in HD 720p resolution, and download them without restrictions with the service’s watermarks.

    Paid plans remove watermarks, increase resolution to HD 1080p, gradually increase disk space and number of downloads.

    As fees increase, so does the volume of access to media libraries.

    The premium plan provides 100 GB of space, unlimited video downloads up to 30 minutes in length, and advanced animation and character customization tools.

    Theme packs are quite advisory in nature and should help you better navigate the capabilities of the service.

    But there are also special tariff plans, for example, for the Business package; here, the cost of a subscription is calculated individually as ordered.

    It is possible to export materials in PDF and PPT formats.


    Render Forest – Online Video Editor and Platform for Branding and Business

    The service provides everything you need to create visual solutions for a brand from scratch, update them or add new materials.

    Service sections:

    • logo creation,
    • video creation and editing,
    • editing and adapting designs,
    • website creation and hosting,
    • graphic design.

    Each section has its own thematic rubricator.

    The video editor is very simple, based on the use of templates and clipart.

    The service payment system is very flexible. You can pay for the use of individual products, but the subscription is much more profitable.

    There is a free tariff plan: video in 360p resolution, watermarks on everything, the maximum length of the video is 3 minutes. Suitable only to know the service.

    Work in HD 720p and HD1080p resolutions and step-by-step expansion of opportunities to export videos and access media collections are available with a paid subscription.

    Considering that the platform really offers quite a complete set of opportunities for the operational development of visual branding, and the tariff plans also include a website builder with hosting services, the prices look quite attractive.

    Render Forest

    Typito: Online Video Maker for Text Work

    A simple video editor that combines ease of use and template creation with advanced text aesthetics.

    It is precisely because of its advanced work with texts that the service probably got its name.

    The service is a bundle of web applications that run in a browser window.

    The main application is the Video Maker video editor.

    In addition, there is a thumbnail generator for the major social networks, a speech to text converter (it’s usually the other way around!) for use in titles and subtitles, a subtitle generator, and a video ad editor for Facebook.

    You can download SRT files for later use on other platforms and editors that support importing them.

    The service is paid by subscription with monthly or annual payments. The free plan is available after registration, but it is very limited: you can make 4 videos per month with the service’s watermarks. But to get started and master all the tools, it is enough.

    The paid rates are slightly more expensive than average, but for this money you are unlikely to find something similar for working with texts.


    Wave.Video: Online Video Editor and Hosting Service

    A highly developed platform for those who, for whatever reason, are not satisfied with YouTube. Designed for digital marketers.

    The differences are as follows:

    • focuses on social media formats, including those atypical for other systems, for example you can create video covers for Facebook pages,
    • has templates for commercial video banner formats,
    • integrated with your own video hosting servers,
    • on paid plans, you can fully customize the built-in player,
    • there is a built-in landing page builder for video content,
    • access to large libraries of all types of content, paid and free,
    • automatic generation of titles with the possibility of subsequent editing,
    • a calendar for content planning with idea generation tools,
    • the ability to integrate video creation tools into your own products.

    The free plan is more suitable for getting familiar, but in it you can also create information support tools for a small marketing project.


    Wideo – Simple and Fast Online Video Editor

    The service is specifically designed to create dynamic videos, slideshows, presentations, and videos in the Instagram Stories format.

    The work is based on the use of templates. There are many and they are grouped into categories (commercial presentation, product presentation, various for marketing, e-commerce, promotional videos, startup presentations, educational videos, for Instagram Stories).

    The service is well documented and contains instructions in video form.

    Tools include screenshot and text-to-speech tools.

    An interesting possibility is that it can automatically generate color palettes for personalized photos, which can be very useful, it is available for free and without registration. Palette controls are also built into the video editor.

    The service is available by subscription with monthly or annual payment.

    There is a free tariff plan, but its capabilities are very modest, it is suitable only for getting acquainted with this service.

    The most affordable tariff plan allows you to use all the features of the video editor and the full volume of cliparts and export 10 videos per month, up to 1.5 minutes each in 720p HD resolution. 2 GB of disk space is provided.

    All of this will cost $19/month if paid annually and $59/month if paid monthly.

    The two most expensive tariff plans, Pro and Pro +, give you the opportunity to use HD 1080p resolution, have no restrictions on the number of downloads, and increase the maximum length of videos to 10 and 30 minutes, respectively.

    Disk space is not limited. The more expensive Pro + plan provides access to premium support and allows you to have an additional user account.

    The service has a very interesting, almost exclusive feature. When using Pro and Pro + tariffs, the service provides its own player. When exporting videos, with the help of this player you can add interactive elements on top of the video.

    Simply put, your video can contain buttons, icons, and other objects with embedded hyperlinks. Very useful for business uses.


    Editorial opinion

    We decided on the choice of the best options in this rich group of services by categories.

    The correspondence of the capabilities of the declared specialization, the completeness of the coverage of the types of formats, the availability of documentation and training materials, the completeness of the official information and the current activity of the company were taken into account.

    It wasn’t that easy.

    Our pick: The best online video editors and online video makers for business

    The easiest service for entrepreneurs to use is MakerMoon. Low prices, easy creation of slideshows and presentations, integration with video hosting. Ready-to-use videos can be simply inserted into posts on your website.

    The most versatile service to solve problems from the design of simple graphics, corporate identity elements and graphics for product decoration to the creation of videos in all the main formats: Placeit.

    The most technically advanced commercial service is Hippovideo.

    The best video editor to create instructional and educational videos is Moovly

    The best video editor for processing, displaying and using text information is Typito.

    The most balanced, versatile and complete multimedia content editor is InVideo.

    Which video editing software to choose and how to do that

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    Best Online Video Editors for Business and Marketing
    Best Online Video Editors for Business and Marketing