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Best websites to create graphic design online and for free

    Last Updated on 07.06.2023

    Whether you need to design an image, poster, logo, or other graphic, an online design program can make it easy, fast, and affordable.

    Online applications and services are mainly aimed at quickly creating standard designs for printing, publishing on websites and social networks.

    However, there are some apps that are designed for professional work, even as part of large teams.

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    Of course, online apps can’t use as many resources as desktop apps. Therefore, work that requires a large number of calculations, as a rule, is not done online.

    On the other hand, online applications for professional creative work have two great advantages: an unmatched speed of delivery of updates and additions, and the ability to organize teamwork on a project very easily. Also, they do not require a powerful computer from the user.

    These advantages are the causes of the success of online applications and the rapid growth in the number of the number of users.

    AppyPie, AppyPie Design – a suite of online apps for more than just design

    This platform was created to solve all the tasks of developing the design and creation of online and mobile applications, as well as for the preparation of any advertising and marketing materials for their promotion.

    Perhaps this service is one of the best examples of the integration of many different applications and services around a single central idea. The idea of ​​this service is the creation of various types of mobile or online applications using visual design, without the need to create any source code.

    Since we are talking about visual design, the tasks of technical and visual design of all required components generally come to the fore. At the same time, most of the elements are provided in a ready-made form suitable for customization, and the missing elements can be created independently.

    This review does not cover the issues related to creating applications, but there are so many design opportunities in the AppyPie service that just listing them and describing the purpose of each of them will give a sufficient idea of ​​the work possibilities to an experienced user. in that area.

    Various types of layouts and objects can be created using the AppyPie Design subsystem applications. For printing you can create: posters, logos, flyers, postcards, brochures, business cards. To display on the screen: banners of standard formats for a blog, banners for LinkedIn, covers for Facebook and various infographics.

    The service is only available by subscription. Among the available tariff plans there is a free one that can be used for personal purposes, although it has many restrictions. For most commercial uses, the free plan is not suitable because the service applies its own watermarks to the images created.

    As for work on mobile and online applications, the service provides access to a special platform, which includes a component for creating interface designs.

    The paid rate plan (with monthly payments) removes these restrictions and provides access to several advanced features of the service’s design applications.

    To access application development services, which we will consider in a separate review, you need to connect to another, more expensive tariff plan.


    Autodesk Tinkercad – website for learning 3D object and system design

    An interesting solution from the world leader in design applications: Autodesk. The service combines the application, object libraries and training materials – everything you need for easy and visual work on creating various types of 3D visualizations.

    The application allows you to create and edit various objects, transform them into block structures similar to Lego blocks, combine them into groups, mechanically connect them with each other and add annotations to them.

    All work is carried out on a special mounting plane that can be rotated around three axes. One or several users can work on a project, simple individual mode, teacher mode and student mode are available.

    The result can be saved in a vector SVG format or in one of the 3D printer formats. You can also start the 3D printing process right from the app.

    The service provides all its features for free, you just need to create an account and sign up.

    Autodesk Tinkercad

    BeFunky – simple program for quick design of marketing materials

    This service includes a typical media set for online systems of its kind: collections of typical layouts for print and display, applications for editing them, and access to many thousands of free photos.

    In addition, the service includes a photo editor, which we review in a separate article about online photo editors. It allows you to edit your own photos and batch process them. Both simple and advanced editing features are available.

    The service allows you to create collages, various types of banners, flyers, posters, postcards, brochures, and infographics.

    The service is paid, the payment can be monthly or annual.


    Canva – quick layout page for any type of materials

    Perhaps the most famous service in the segment of rapid development of designs for advertising and marketing materials from ready-made templates.

    The service has been around for a long time and during its existence it has grown into a very extensive system with many possibilities.

    Can be used to create layouts of various types of graphics for social media, invitations, announcements, posters, postcards, flyers, tickets, coupons, business cards, gift certificates, presentations, letters, reports, resumes, invoices, magazine covers , t-shirt designs, different types of video materials, infographics, school schedules and newspapers, wallpapers and web page designs.

    In general, the service is really versatile. The interface is very simple and intuitive, it does not change when working on different types of templates, the difference can only be seen in the composition of the icons on the top toolbar.

    The service is available for free or for a subscription fee.

    In the free version, you can use a large number of layouts and objects, but they are so recognizable that they no longer look original, and this almost makes no sense. Also, the free plan provides access to a very limited collection of decorative items. This plan is suitable for individual users who use their own photos to create layouts.

    When paying for the professional tariff plan, access to all templates, objects and photos is provided, the provided disk space is increased up to 100 GB, and the work of up to 5 users is supported.


    Crello – marketing material design software

    This service has thousands of templates grouped by different post types and topics.

    It works the same way as all services of this type: after choosing a template type, the editor interface opens. The interface is very simple, intuitive and designed for a user with an initial level of experience.

    For work, you can choose a template from the collection, add photos, videos, animations, sound, various objects, background images and inscriptions to it. You can also upload your own files from your local drive.

    The editing process consists of selecting a specific object in the design area and changing its properties. Depending on the type of object, the corresponding buttons will be available on the toolbar.

    The editor does not support working with layers, but it does allow you to change the order of objects. There are also several advanced tools designed specifically for specific types of objects.

    For example, for images there is a collection of photo filters and frames, and for texts there is a tool for font selection and adjustment, alignment control and kerning adjustment.

    The service provides its services in accordance with the selected tariff plan.

    The free plan gives access to all editing options except background removal and limits the number of downloads of completed works. The paid plan removes these restrictions and provides means for teamwork and support services.


    DesignBold – graphic and printed material design program for the Internet

    Another service to create layouts using standard templates. Largely focused on business uses.

    Among the theme templates and categories that mostly coincide with competing services, there are more presentation templates in two formats: the traditional 3:4 format and the still little used for presentations 9:16 format, there are templates for newspapers, resumes, business letters, logos, brochures and much more.

    The peculiarity of the service lies in the fact that when editing a specific layout, in addition to the traditional types of objects for online systems, diagrams and charts of various types can be used.

    In addition, there are pre-made content sets that include all kinds of materials made in a single style. You can quickly create your own content kit by editing and adapting an existing one in the system.

    The collection of templates of this service is very diverse, the editor has a very clear and intuitive interface.

    The service is available by subscription; There are two tariff plans: the free one and the paid one.

    The free tariff plan has restrictions on the amount of space in the storage of the service, the number of templates provided and is missing some tools, and also does not include teamwork or the possibility of sharing an account. However, the possibilities of the free tariff may be enough for some operations.

    When a pay rate is used, all previous restrictions are removed. You can pay for the service monthly or annually.

    A 30-day free trial period is provided.


    Design Evo – simple program for logo design

    This service is a combination of a collection of logo designs and an application for editing and customizing them to create your own logo.

    The app is very easy to use and is based on the same principles as most online systems. There is a collection of ready-made templates, you need to choose the most suitable one and edit it according to your needs.

    The service’s clipart contains several dozen thematic groups, each of which includes hundreds of templates. When choosing the option that interests you, you can look at which templates are similar to it and choose one.

    The clipart is very extensive. For example, the number of available icons is several million, and to select the one you need, you need to use the search. When working with text boxes, you can choose between classic and artistic fonts and apply settings to transparency, stroke, shadow, and brightness.

    The editor allows you to customize the elements that already exist in the templates, add vector objects, icons, labels and background images.

    The application is paid, the tariff plans are one-time payments, there are no recurring payment options.

    Design Evo

    Design Wizard – image and video design program

    In this case, “video design” is simply adding subtitles to a video, and we mention this only because the creators of the service say so. In this review, we only consider the possibilities for creating image layouts.

    These capabilities are exactly the same as other similar services, but with two significant differences.

    The first difference is the composition of the offered templates. Among them are the traditional templates for social media graphics and various banners. Note the presence of templates for creating various types of certificates and a large number of options for creating invitations and greeting cards.

    The edition of the selected template is carried out according to the usual technology for such systems.

    The second difference is the pricing system. The service is available by subscription and one of the plans is free, the latter allows you to use almost all design tools and templates. But you will have to pay to download each result.

    When using paid tariff plans, you have a choice: a cheaper tariff with a limit on downloading results, or a more expensive one with unlimited quantity.

    Design Wizard

    Desygner – design for printed materials and for the Internet

    This service is based on the same classic principle of combining ready-made template collections, media collections and a simple online application for editing the selected template and creating your own design from it.

    The templates are combined into two large groups: for printing and for online use. This division is quite arbitrary. For example, logo and magazine templates for some reason are part of the templates section “for online use”.

    Even so, there are many templates, they are varied and of great quality.

    Separately, we highlight the presence of quite rare variants such as book cover templates, demo boards, music album covers, magazine page layouts, price lists and menus.

    The editor works according to the usual and typical principle: after choosing a template, you can edit and add objects and texts. For each type of object, the appropriate tools are automatically displayed and activated. Objects can be organized by layers.

    The service is available by subscription for a monthly or annual payment.

    There is a free plan with various functionality restrictions and limited access to resources, but it is still quite suitable for individual work.

    Paid plans remove these restrictions and provide opportunities for teamwork.


    Drawtify – website for business graphics operational design

    The service is standard in terms of settings and capabilities for such a service: there are many templates of different types and an application to edit them. But upon closer inspection, it turns out that this service has significant differences and advantages.

    The templates, as usual, are grouped into different groups depending on their use: logos, commercial graphics, marketing and social networks. The composition of these groups is largely standard for such services, but original templates also exist.

    These include templates for creating animated logos, product labels, report forms, emails, and product catalogs.

    The editor for working with templates has a fairly rich and detailed interface. It contains all the standard tools, as well as the advanced ones, for this type of applications.

    There are tools for working with lines and vector objects, performing layer operations, and working with groups of objects. Animation creation and editing are supported.

    The clipart includes various types of backgrounds and images from the Unsplash collection, icons, themed blocks ready to insert into your design, and a selection of palettes.

    You can also use additional tools: a QR code generator, a barcode generator, a geographic map generator, and a diagram editor.

    The service really includes many tools and has many possibilities. All of them are well documented right in the application interface and there are a lot of training materials published on the service’s website.

    You can use the service for free or for a fee.

    When subscribing to a free tariff plan, there are restrictions on the number of projects, the amount of memory available in the storage of the service, and on the resolution of the created designs. Also, the service applies its own watermarks to these.

    By subscribing to a paid plan, these restrictions are removed and no watermarks are applied. Payment can be made monthly or annually.


    Edit – simple business graphic design program

    This service is not intended to be a professional tool that allows you to implement any design idea or can meet the needs of any business. It is only an intuitive, simple, fast and efficient tool.

    The service is designed for people whose work is related to business, not design. It provides a lot of original templates for different uses and provides some simple tools to adapt and edit these templates in order to get ready-to-use designs.

    Templates are grouped into categories based on size and usage. More than 20 categories are available in total, including templates for social networks, for various Internet services, for advertising and for marketing.

    The editing application only provides some tools for working with the selected template.

    Color customization for the entire template is done by choosing a color scheme. All schemes have few colors and are applied in real time, which makes the tool very easy to use.

    Objects within a template can be grouped, to work with individually they can be ungrouped, their size and placement changed in the template, and individual colors can be assigned to them from a separate palette.

    By assigning and editing colors, you can change the transparency of objects as well as their order in the layout.

    You can also edit and add texts. Source selection and all standard settings are available to change the parameters of these.

    You can add photos from the service’s clipart to the template, or add your own photos, crop them, apply filters to them, add a frame, and add shadows.

    The application also allows you to add various types of images that are available in the clipart to the design: geometric shapes, icons, stickers, thematic drawings and pictograms of various services.

    Design objects can be grouped for convenience when working.

    The finished design can be saved to the service’s cloud or downloaded to your hard drive.

    You can get acquainted with the capabilities of the editor and the collections of designs and clipart without registration. Registration is required to work with the service, there is a free access option.

    For a fee, you’ll get access to more templates and collections, more storage space for your designs, and the ability to download finished work in high resolution.


    eDrawMax – cloud service for creation of layout diagrams and presentations

    This service allows you to professionally create and edit schematics, plans, diagrams, presentations and other complex visualizations.

    Working with the service consists of choosing the type of template and the visual layout of the document from blocks. You can take as a basis any prepared template that is suitable as a draft and create your own composition on it.

    The service’s collections cover a variety of uses, from various types of business diagrams and organization plans to electrical schematics and database models are available.

    The number of user categories, or roles, is more modest than the number of template types. But there are also many, and for each there is a set of recommended templates.

    The application interface was created according to classical principles. Document creation takes place in the work area, there is a system of rules and guides. There is a standard menu for working with files, performing basic editing, and managing the display and presentation of objects.

    There is a special panel for selecting objects, in it there are groups of objects for various purposes. When you select a group, the appearance of the objects is immediately visible, making selection easy. Objects are placed on the work area by dragging them into it, after which you can adjust their location, appearance, and organize them into groups and layers.

    In general, working with the application is similar to working with a common desktop program.

    The service site has a large number of informational materials, training publications and practical examples.

    To use the service, you must register. The free plan has restrictions on the number of editable visualizations and the number of elements in each of them, as well as access to premium templates and export formats of the results. The payment plan removes all these restrictions.


    Figma – multipurpose cloud program for website and app design

    This service is a combination of applications, templates and tools that allow you to work individually or as part of a team. The main purpose of the service is UX/UI design and interface prototyping.

    Unlike many other apps and services in this segment, Figma makes all stages of work extremely simple and removes all barriers that can interfere with interaction. There is no distance between the application, the cloud storage and the project participants.

    You can simply create and edit the design and invite as many people as you need to participate in the process. Project data is synced to the server in real time, so everyone in the job sees its current status and works on it in real time. This is very convenient.

    The service is very useful because it has everything you may need when working from scratch: an application for creating interface sketches, an online vector graphics editor, means of consulting ideas, a large set of templates and elements, and applications for design and prototyping.

    In order for the service to work, only a browser and registration on the service’s website are required.

    There is one free tariff plan and two paid ones to choose from.

    The free plan suits you if you manage no more than 3 projects, work alone or as a couple, and it is enough for you to keep the version history for no more than 30 days.

    Paid plans remove these restrictions and provide many opportunities for teamwork. The professional plan is free if you are a student or teacher.


    FotoJet – program for creating various designs using templates

    A platform to quickly create layouts for cards, flyers, posters, invitations, banners, social media graphics, and photo collages. It has its own photo editor, which we consider in the corresponding thematic review.

    The app works as standard. You choose the template that interests you and adapt it to your needs. The adaptation consists of using photographs (which can be part of the clipart, be your own photos or be imported from Facebook), texts and various vector objects.

    If you are editing an object with more than one color, an item to set each of the colors separately is displayed in the object properties window. This approach allows you to exclude such a problematic situation for inexperienced users as working with groups of objects.

    It should be noted how well thought out the app’s interface is. All the necessary elements are obvious and intuitive and are displayed at the right time and place. Thanks to this, working with the application is not difficult at all.

    As with most similar cases, the service has free and paid tariff plans.

    To use the free plan, no registration is required. There are restrictions on access to object templates and collections, and some features of the application and service are not available.

    The paid tariff plan removes these restrictions, provides full access to the service’s applications, puts work with the support service in a priority mode, and removes banner ads from the application interface.


    Fotor – design program that is a companion to a photo editor

    This service is similar to its competitors just as competitors are similar to it. The service includes a photo editor, an application for creating layouts from ready-made templates, a collection of templates, photos and clipart of various types of graphic objects.

    We considered Fotor photo editor in a separate thematic review and here we will not dwell on its capabilities.

    As for the design application, everything is quite simple and straightforward. After selecting the required template, you can edit it: replace and add photos, backgrounds, objects and texts.

    The finished design can be saved to the service’s cloud or downloaded to your local drive.

    Registration is required to use the application.

    In free mode, access to tools, collections and clip art is severely limited, there is no way to use the storage space of the service or save the results in high resolution PDF files. At the same time, banner ads are displayed on the application interface. Premium templates and photos are watermarked by the service.

    When using a payment tariff, there are no such restrictions. There are two paid plans, the most expensive tariff is distinguished by high efficiency and speed of updates of template and clipart collections, as well as the number of photos provided for commercial use without additional payment.


    Framer – online platform for designing eye-catching prototypes

    Aimed at UX/UI design and interface prototyping, this service looks very quaint at first glance and says it can bring “any design” to life.

    The service’s orientation towards creating modern, original design and visually striking interfaces is visible throughout. It is possible that the reason for this is the positioning of the service as a system “for beginners”, and the objective is to attract new users.

    But the service does not lose anything with this.

    Also, the tools provided will suit a user of any skill. The service includes apps for creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. Work with them is structured within the confines of a single development cycle. You can develop interfaces for mobile applications and websites.

    The service site has a wealth of reference and training materials. Testing of ready-to-use prototypes can be done on supported specialized online platforms.

    Registration is required to work with the service.

    For free, you can test the capabilities of the service alone or with a partner, and at the same time work on three projects.

    Paid plans let you work as normal and provide access to the online and desktop versions of the app.


    Gravit Designer – advanced all-in-one cloud service for designers

    This service is an online version of the desktop application of the same name. Both versions are very similar in their capabilities and are a combination of the classic combo chart editor and an application for creating standard layouts from ready-to-use templates.

    In fact, both the service and its desktop version are a single complex, which is a complete workplace for a professional designer of business layouts.

    The service provides a complete set of tools and means for editing photos and vector images, complemented by tools for quickly creating typical designs from templates. These templates are organized in groups.

    In addition, there are “blank” templates available for various uses. These templates have standardized dimensions and, if necessary, a special shape (eg round).

    The customizable ready-to-use templates are for social media graphics, presentations, posters, Facebook posts, blog graphics, A4 size documents, flyers and postcards.

    Typical templates that you fill out completely with your own content are blanks in various formats for creating layouts for print, display, social media, mobile, popsockets, and t-shirts.

    In addition to the standard tools, the application interface has access to color clipart, which contains decorative lines, geometric shapes, thematic vector illustrations, icons, emojis, stickers, frames, and a collection of photos from the Unsplash service.

    To use the service, you must subscribe.

    If you use it for free, you can only create works with the RGB palette, the service’s cloud space is limited, and you can only export the results with a resolution no higher than 150 DPI.

    The paid tariff plan allows you to work with the CMYK and HSB color spaces, use the storage space of the service without restrictions, work with all the functions and tools of the online and desktop versions, and export the results with a resolution of up to 300 DPI.

    Gravit Designer

    Invision – service and software for high quality interface design

    The service includes all the components and applications that may be needed to create an interface from scratch, from the idea and the first sketches to the preparation of functional elements, styles and specifications.

    The service provides an integrated interface where you can create, discuss, and edit first sketches and sketches (Freehand app), combine them into groups and link them together visually (Board), and set detailed descriptions and technical context to create a real prototype ( Spec).

    Then the prototype itself is created in its final form (Prototype). All created documents related to a specific project can be combined for future storage and use (Space).

    The finished prototype can be thoroughly verified using the Inspect application, and then a complete set of interface elements, their styles, and specifications can be prepared for later transfer to code developers to take care of the program.

    To use the service, you must subscribe.

    There is a free plan that allows you to work with a team of up to 10 people, create unlimited sketches and up to 3 prototypes, as well as get ready-to-use assets, style sheets, and other objects needed when coding an app.

    Payment rates allow you to increase the number of project participants and remove restrictions on the volume and number of documents created.


    Over – online template design program

    Another option to choose from is an easy-to-use service to quickly create designs using ready-made templates.

    The service offers a somewhat unusual way of choosing source templates. More precisely, the method itself is quite traditional, but the unusual thing is that you can simultaneously select a blank canvas format and a ready-to-use template with content that does not match in size.

    This opportunity can be perceived in different ways. Some will think that this makes it difficult to use the service, while others will think that this only improves the situation, because it adds flexibility to the service.

    In fact, if the look you like, along with the fonts, decoration and color scheme, is not in the collection of templates of the required format, many services simply give the user the most similar option. In this case, you can combine the required template and appearance, and later you can solve all the geometric compliance issues in the prototyping process.

    The service provides great clipart, consisting of photos, objects, and templates. Each content type is handled using familiar settings. The interface is simple and straightforward. Working with layers is supported.

    The service is focused on creating designs for social networks and online advertising. Results can be downloaded in JPEG or PNG format.

    To work with the service, you must register. There is a free plan, but access to templates, clipart, and fonts is limited. Paid plans remove these restrictions and allow you to organize teamwork.


    Picfont – simple program to create memes and posters

    Essentially, it’s an app to quickly turn a photo into a meme or “poster” by adding text to photos. In this case, you can choose the layout scale from ready-made possibilities (mainly graphics for various social platforms) or specify it yourself.

    You can take pictures of the application’s clipart or use your own resources. The app also includes a set of background textures and a large clipart of vector stickers.

    Photos can be transformed using existing photo effects or overlaid with a color overlay. Color and transparency are adjustable.

    The original photo can be placed in the design of the future poster of the required format with one click and at the same time set the general background of the poster. In addition, you can immediately select a ready-made poster template from a large collection with already placed and designed texts, and quickly edit it at your discretion.

    Working with text is organized very conveniently: you need to choose a lettering layout that is visually close to the desired one, if necessary, change the font and its size, select other colors, move, rotate, reduce, increase, adjust transparency. The text can be folded and aligned as desired.

    The result can be saved in JPG, PNG, PDF or WEBP format.

    The app is free to use. The application interface is adapted for use on desktop systems and smartphones; must switch with a special button.


    Picmonkey – powerful program for quick design from templates

    This service can rightfully be called advanced. Its creators tried to combine in it all the tools that are needed to create marketing and advertising designs, various types of printed products and a package of visual solutions for a brand (brand book).

    The core application of the service is intended for the full editing and design cycle. It includes a classic photo editor, touch-up tools, template design media, and a large collection of templates and objects.

    All of the above is available in a single interface, which is structured according to traditional principles, is easy to use, intuitive and responds very quickly to all user actions, providing valuable information that is important in such cases.

    For work, there are 48 groups of different templates, 25 types of graphic clipart, a collection of complete sets of templates for branding, customizable brushes for free drawing, tools for working with text, libraries of effects, textures, original geometric frames and more. topics.

    The service is paid, the payment can be monthly or annual, there are 3 rate plans to choose from. You can work for free in the trial version, but with limited functionality.


    PiktoChart – template design service for professionals in various fields

    This service, like other similar systems, is mainly focused on marketing, advertising and SMM specialists. But it has 3 more specialized areas: human resources, finance and health. For each of them, the service offers its own collections of templates.

    The service provides collections of templates for creating presentations, reports, infographics, flyers, banners and graphics for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). You can use existing templates or create your own templates.

    The application interface is very simple and intuitive. All templates have exact dimensions in pixels (for screen) and millimeters (for print), you can also set arbitrary dimensions to create your own templates.

    When you use ready-made templates and when you create your own, the application interface does not change.

    Icons, geometric shapes, colored vector images, lines, photo frames, and photographs from the Unsplash system collections are available for use. There are also pre-made backgrounds, text blocks and labels, and a collection of color schemes (you can create and save your own).

    There is an extensive collection of objects and tools for professional applications.

    Among the objects, which are called “Layout Components” here, there are completely ready-made templates for creating lists, timelines and comparisons. All of these templates are fully customizable and editable. Certainly, its use can embellish commercial designs and does not require much effort.

    It should also be noted that the application contains tools to embed maps, diagrams and videos in the created layouts (import from YouTube and Vimeo is supported).

    The service is paid, it is available by subscription with monthly or annual payment. Subscription is required to use the service.

    There is also a free plan, but it is provided to familiarize yourself with the system: the service’s watermarks are applied to the designs and the results can only be saved in low resolution.

    There are several paid tariff plans, they are intended for different groups of users and provide all the possibilities of the service, including the organization of teamwork.


    PiZap – website for creating themed layouts and collages

    This service is a combination of an online photo editor, a collage editor and an application for designing advertisements and documents from templates.

    The photo editor and collage editor are part of a separate review, but here we will focus on the tools for design.

    The service provides templates for postcards, Facebook and Instagram posts, Facebook covers, memes, logos, YouTube covers and inserts, flyers, mobile app icons and mobile backgrounds.

    To work with all kinds of templates, the application provides the same interface: clear, expressively designed and containing all the necessary tools.

    These are: canvas customization tools, a set of photo filters, a large collection of graphic objects, a text block editor, tools for removing photo backgrounds, many decorative frames, a photo importer (from local disk and from stock collections), a simple meme editor, and a brush for free drawing.

    The result can be printed, published on various social networks or downloaded in JPEG or PNG format (when using the service for free, the size is limited).

    The service can be used free of charge, registration is required.

    Paid tariff plans remove the restriction on the size of the downloaded work and provide access to advanced tools and all objects and materials of the service.


    Placeit – online service that combines design and branding

    This service works on the general principle of editing by pre-made templates, but it has an original specialization. It is that the service is focused not only on graphics for social networks, videos and printed materials, but also on the creation of mockups for various products.

    We’re talking about designs for putting prints on real things: t-shirts, hats, bags, mugs, biker bottles, baseball caps, sportswear.

    The service provides many of these designs. Work with all types of layouts is simple in everything: you can replace the current photo, edit and customize the text.

    Also, the service allows you to create logos.

    In the case of the logo generator, the ability to insert an emblem from the app’s collection into the design is added. The selected image can be edited: you can change the size, proportions, position and colors.

    The main navigation through all the possibilities, types and varieties of designs is done on the pages of the service’s website. It may be that this is the most convenient way, because there are many. For the selected variant, the corresponding interface variant is automatically opened for editing. Everything is very simple!

    The service can be used for free or for a fee. The free plan has restrictions on access to templates and service capabilities.


    Renderforest – powerful template design, branding and website creation software

    Other combined service. To set itself apart from the competition, this service complements the template design app with a video editor and a simple website builder app (these plugins are included in separate reviews).

    As for the design application, it is structured and works according to general principles. After choosing the desired template, the service opens the interface of the editing application adapted to it, in which you can replace and add photos and objects, adjust colors and edit texts.

    Graphic templates are grouped into three groups: for the Internet, for printing and for presentations. Design templates are grouped according to purpose: for clothing, for gadgets, for branding, for various objects, and for interior decoration.

    The logo generator is quite smart. Work with him begins by entering the brand name and slogan. The generator algorithm recognizes the company’s area of ​​activity and automatically generates basic templates using suitable objects. Then you can choose the template you like, edit it and bring it to the required form.

    Your web page design, with the help of this service, can be immediately turned into a small functional site that will exist right here on the service platform. Of course, we are not talking about a complex solution: everything is simple, as simple as the website creation application itself.

    Use of the service is by subscription.

    The free tariff plan significantly limits the user in the composition of the provided tools and is suitable for getting acquainted with the capabilities of the service.

    Payment plans give you a lot of freedom of choice. For entrepreneurs and small businesses, the service can be a suitable one-stop solution.


    Snappa – online design system for you if you are not a designer at all

    The service includes a design app with a built-in photo editor and a collection of templates for various uses. The collection includes several rare options, including video start and end screens, e-book covers, banners for podcasts and for video broadcasts.

    The service is well documented and contains video instructions for each template option.

    The design application has a comfortable interface of a classic type, understandable for any user, supports work with layers and allows you to save your work in the service’s cloud, send it to social networks or download it to the local disk of your computer.

    The application has photo and background cliparts, a tool for color correction, tools for editing and customizing text, as well as a collection of various types of objects to insert into the design.

    To use the service, you must subscribe.

    There is a free tariff plan, it gives access to all the functions of the service, except for integration with social networks and advanced photo editing, but limits the number of downloads of finished works per month.

    Paid plans remove all restrictions and allow teamwork.


    Stencil – online graphic design program for social networks

    This template-oriented service offers several thematic collections and universal templates for the most popular social networks and virtual backgrounds for the Zoom video chat system.

    Service templates can not only be used when developing designs, but can also be downloaded to your local drive for future work.

    The editor app allows you to choose the desired template from the collections and cliparts and add photos, icons and texts.

    An unusual component is the citations that are systematized by topic.

    Working with various types of objects is very easy. Simply select an object, and the application will automatically display a dialog to edit and configure it. Everything is very clear and understandable.

    The app stores your work as well as materials downloaded from local drive in the account’s library, and they are always available for you to use.

    A subscription is required to use the service.

    A limited number of tools are available for free, access to clipart and collections is partial, and no more than 10 downloads of finished work are available per month.

    Payment plans remove these restrictions.


    YouiDraw – advanced online logo design software

    This application allows you not only to create logos, but also to edit image elements with high precision.

    The interface of the application is similar to the interface of a normal desktop program, but everything in it is clear and in its place.

    There is a file menu, a template and clipart navigation panel, a tool selection panel, a canvas, a design element tree window, a color panel, a selected object properties panel, and buttons for control viewing and downloading. You can turn on hint display if you have forgotten something.

    Objects can be grouped and layered. You can work with vector objects just like in a simple vector editor.

    The result of the work can be downloaded in JPEG or PNG format to a local drive, as well as to GoogleDrive and Dropbox storage.

    This app is also available as a Chrome browser extension.

    The logo editor can be used for free as part of the entire service, just like all other applications.

    At the same time, there are restrictions on download file formats (SVG and PDF formats are not supported), watermarks are applied to the design (along the bottom edge of the design), and the resulting image cannot be sold.

    A paid subscription is available for the entire service to remove these restrictions. Payment can be made monthly or annually.



    Applications and services for the design and development of interfaces for applications and sites

    User activity in recent years has been largely redirected to the use of mobile and online applications. In this sense, there have been changes in design and development technologies for various types of applications.

    Today, mobile applications can be developed using online platforms, websites can be turned into mobile applications, and the interfaces of all kinds of applications can be designed and turned into functional prototypes using online applications and cloud services.

    In today’s environment, there is an increase in online services, applications and platforms to solve all these tasks, in combination and separately.

    These apps and services include AppyPie, Figma, Framer, Invision.

    Applications and services for rapid design development

    Almost all online systems of this type work in the same way.

    The user selects the specific type of screen or print layout they require and opens the corresponding application web page. The application provides access to a collection of ready-made templates, each of which has its own geometric composition of objects, its own color scheme, its own set of fonts and its own decorative elements.

    It remains only to insert your photos (which can be quickly edited directly in the application itself) and texts into the layout, as well as change their location at your discretion, adjust colors and font sizes if necessary, and work is done.

    This is the largest group of online services and applications, among which you can simply choose the most suitable for a particular job.

    This group of apps includes AppyPie Design , BeFunky, Canva, Crello, DesignBold, Design Wizard, Desygner, Drawtify, Edit, FotoJet, Fotor, Over, Picfont, PicMonkey, PiktoChart, PiZap, Placeit, Renderforest , Snappa, Stencil.

    Applications and services for creating schematics, diagrams and presentations

    Specialized trading and technical charts are often complex visual objects.

    To create such objects, the design of their composition, placement and linking of elements is the most important thing. Colors, decorative graphics and fonts in this case are not the main concepts.

    Therefore, ordinary applications and graphic editors for creating sketches and drawings are not suitable for work on creating diagrams and plans of various types, since all of them are designed to create single objects.

    For the visuals we are talking about now, it is required to use typical or standard elements. This is the only way to quickly and efficiently create electrical diagrams, floor plans, structural drawings, organization charts and much more.

    The services and applications designed for this work include eDrawMax and, in part, PiktoChart.

    Applications and services to solve various tasks

    It would be more correct to indicate precisely the specific specialization of the applications and services belonging to this group. However, they are so varied in composition and combination of capabilities, it is much easier and more practical to simply list them with a brief indication of their purpose.

    For children and adults, special training systems have been developed that can be used both for purely educational purposes and to create finished works. This group includes Autodesk Tinkercad.

    A type of work that is still in demand is the rapid creation of simple graphic solutions: logos, inscriptions, stickers. They also have their own tools, which are easy to use. These include Design Evo.

    If you need a universal solution that contains classic tools for creating vector graphics, editing photos, designing using ready-to-use templates, and creating layouts of various formats from scratch, then there are those options too. Among them are Gravit Designer, partly PicMonkey and YouiDraw (the latter includes an online logo editor).

    If you are faced with the complex task of quickly developing various solutions for a brand, from a logo to a representative website, Renderforest can help you with this.

    Best websites to create graphic design online and for free
    Best websites to create graphic design online and for free