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Top 20 Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS

    Last Updated on 06.09.2022

    A versatile mobile video editor is a complete video studio in your pocket. In this review, we look at video editors that let you create videos on any topic.

    With a modern mobile phone, you can record videos in a wide range of quality, portrait or landscape orientation, for posting on social networks, YouTube, for a home video collection, or for inserting into a presentation.

    There are many ways to use these videos.

    The capabilities of all current mobile phones to record videos are roughly the same, and video editors can have many differences from each other.

    We will focus on editing and special effects.

    Adobe Spark Editor, Slideshow Maker

    An app from the cross-platform Adobe Spark suite for creating short videos and slideshows.

    Basically, the versatility of this application is such that SMM professionals can also use it to create videos and slideshows.

    However, we do not include it in the review of professional mobile video tools because the application provides few opportunities.

    Like all other Adobe products, this app works in the cloud.

    Payment is by subscription. There is a free tariff plan suitable only for getting acquainted with the capabilities of the application due to the limited number of templates and the inaccessibility of most functions for customizing the appearance of the video.

    The app allows you to use both your own and provided music tracks, and also record voiceovers.

    The formats of the created videos meet the requirements of social networks, the templates are designed for a wide range of topics. The application has a simple and easy to use interface.

    Adobe Spark

    Film Maker Pro: Movie Maker and Video Editor App

    A real video editor that includes support for a layered timeline, all the basic editing features, a collection of templates for “intros” (the developers of “outros” announced them in the next updates), many filters, transitions and effects.

    The app contains a built-in music editor and supports voiceover recording and editing.

    When editing, you can rotate, blur, change speed, and reverse the video. Various formats of titles, overlay of stickers, icons and other objects, video export with quality up to 4K, picture in picture, chromakey are supported.

    A true universal solution.

    One-time payment for multiple plugins, there is a free version, and watermarks can be removed.

    Film Maker Pro

    FilmoraGo – Video Editor and Maker

    A mobile version from the developer of the famous desktop video editor: Wondershare.

    It positions itself as a “professional video editor”. Obviously, the developer emphasizes the functional integrity of the application with this formulation.

    One can agree with this statement.

    Among the formats, the developer mentions those of TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube. The first 2 formats are regular 9:16 vertical videos. In principle, WhatsApp does not have any special format requirements.

    As for the “for YouTube” format, the emphasis on it is not accidental.

    The fact is that it was added quite recently.

    Portrait or square video orientation is more familiar to platforms like mobile phones.

    A natural one-hand grip means working with these formats. Therefore, the horizontal orientation of the edited video until recently did not receive widespread use.

    This has changed with the increase in screen sizes and resolutions, and there are now quite a few mobile video editors available that support the “for YouTube” format.

    FilmoraGo also started supporting it in the latest versions.

    All resolutions up to HD 1080p are supported as standard, as well as user-defined video sizes, which is not typical for mobile video editors and is definitely a plus.

    The app has a complete set of slideshow and video editing tools, provides multi-layer editing and has a very rich collection of effects, filters and transitions.

    Speed ​​editing is provided, there is option to reverse the video. Music and image collections are available for you to add to your videos.

    There is no free version as such, after installation you can get acquainted with the application and buy everything you need.


    Funimate – Video Editor and Maker

    A simple video editor for all users who want to try to differentiate themselves on TikTok from those who use the built-in video editor in the social network application.

    The video editor is focused not only on TikTok, it is also suitable for Instagram, since in addition to vertical, it also supports square format.

    The built-in templates are designed to create music videos, lip sync, slow motion and other types of videos common in youth social networks.

    This app provides modest video editing capabilities, just what an average user needs. The video editor itself is “classic”, with the necessary set of tools and filters.

    The main emphasis is on video effects, which allow you to decorate the video, remove blemishes, add brightness and dynamics.

    In the free version, the application leaves its own watermarks and the vast majority of effects are not available.

    In the paid version, the application provides access not only to a large number of effects, but also allows you to use a special tool to create your own effects based on existing photos.


    InShot – Video Editor and Maker

    Of the mobile video editors from the developer InShot in question, this is the most famous and feature-rich, with a very high user rating.

    In addition to the video editor itself, this app has a built-in photo editor and sound editor.

    The video editor stands out for its well-designed interfaces and a highly developed configuration system. You can change the speed of the video within a very wide range.

    The app provides a large number of filters, effects, and transitions. You can apply different styles to videos and images.

    All major formats up to HD 1080p resolution are supported.

    In the free version, the video editor leaves its own watermarks, but they can be removed before exporting the video through the settings menu.

    Additional features can be purchased within the app.


    InShot-2: Video Maker – Video.Guru

    Another video editor from the developer InShot.

    Positioned as a YouTube video editing app, it actually supports all geometric video formats of resolution up to HD 1080p and even 4K in the PRO version.

    Being YouTube-centric means you can use starter videos in both vertical and square footage formats; the app will automatically fill the background with a blurred version of the current footage.

    The trick is simple and the time savings are significant.

    Also, in all resolutions when exporting a finished video, you can select a bitrate: specify the quality of the video (low, medium or high).

    The rest of the video editor is very similar to the “old” version of InShot described above, but gives the impression of being a more elaborate application.

    There are no watermarks in the free version. User ratings are very high.


    KineMaster – Video Editor for Easy Video Editing

    A really versatile, easy to use and powerful video editor.

    Everything that other video editors have, support for 4K resolution, all geometric formats.

    Editing takes place on a multi-layered timeline, many settings and templates are available.

    It might seem, what else can be written if this video editor has the same as the others?

    There is something very significant.

    Users have access to a large number of multimedia resources, effects, fonts, stickers, transitions and anything else they may need to create a video.

    The app allows you to clone an edited video into projects with different aspect ratios in literally just one click. Whoever creates a video for publication on different social networks will immediately understand what we mean.

    The app is actively developed and well documented. The developer maintains and publishes video tutorials on the app’s YouTube channel.

    The developer offers a comprehensive collection of companion apps.

    Basically, it can turn your mobile phone into a real pocket video studio, allowing you to produce quite high quality videos.

    Payment for the premium version is by subscription.


    Kizoa – Movie Maker Free Video Editor

    Completely free, no ads, no registration, a highly advanced video editor from the developer and owner of an online video production service that we review in our online video editor review.

    Standard features: “like everyone else”: full-featured editor, with support for HD 1080p resolution and all the options to work with the geometric proportions of the video.

    All effects, transitions and templates are available directly on the device. The work is done completely without using the cloud.

    The main advantage of the application is the effects!

    First, there are a lot of them, more than a hundred.

    Second, different effects can be used simultaneously.

    Third, the app can recognize faces, which provides additional possibilities for applying effects.


    LumaFusion: Video Editor for Professional Video Editing on a Mobile Device

    Serious app from serious developers.

    The founder of Luma Touch, Chris Demiris, is a very experienced professional who gave birth to the legendary Hollywood FX package, which created many software solutions for the famous video editor Pinnacle Studio, which was released in different years and in different versions. by Avid, and is now sold by the Corel company.

    LumaFusion is a high-end video editor for mobile devices. The main features are comparable to desktop video editors:

    • well equipped “magnetic” timeline,
    • 6 main tracks for any content,
    • 6 additional tracks for audio,
    • dozens of transitions,
    • the ability to preview on an external monitor,
    • multiple selection and group operations on the timeline,
    • tools for teamwork.

    The video editor has color correction tools, supports a large number of effects and chromakey, and in it there are convenient tools for applying effects to many fragments.

    It allows you to accelerate and invert the video, as well as slow motion up to 240 fps.

    Tools for working with titles support layering, adjusting and importing fonts, saving and applying named styles.

    The application has built-in tools to manage projects, select and save various settings and formats, separately export video and audio, and much more that deserves separate consideration.

    It is possible to work with media libraries and all major cloud storage services.

    There is an integrated companion app called Luma FX (formerly separate) to adjust videos made with other video editors.


    Magisto – Video Editor and Maker from the Vimeo videohosting platform

    The mobile version of the Magisto cloud-based video editor by video hosting service Vimeo (reviewed in our online video editor review).

    Full-featured mobile video editor, similar in functionality to its “big brother”, the Magisto online video editor. Well designed and recommended app.

    One feature of the app that sets it apart from other mobile video editors is the widespread use of artificial intelligence to solve a number of problems.

    The application can detect objects and stabilize the video, search and find the best video clips, apply effects and filters to objects.

    The app has a huge collection of templates, styles, effects, transitions, and stickers.

    The application is available for free (with watermarks), you can connect two tariff plans to choose from.

    The Premium plan removes the watermarks from the app and adds a huge library of styles.

    When you connect to Professional, you get more styles and templates, customization tools for colors and fonts, and more than 3 million high-quality images and videos from the iStock library.

    The app is regularly updated. The developer’s website contains documentation and instructions for solving typical and specific tasks.


    Node Video: Pro Video and Sound Editor

    A rare example of a mobile application that, even when using a mobile phone, allows you to solve tasks at a good professional level that are usually assigned to programs for desktop workstations.

    Advanced media file editing tools are the strongest point of this application.

    It’s not just about things like video color grading, working with keyframes, or editing an audio track.

    The application offers a wide range of different effects and tools to adjust their behavior using curves that describe this behavior.

    This app is the only mobile video editor where we were able to discover the possibilities of applying grading to the created video.

    Selection of human figures in the background image using artificial intelligence is conveniently implemented, and can be used in real time!

    The sound editor is called a sound “reactor” in this app for a reason.

    In addition to the obvious possibilities, the application provides visualization of the audio track and precise editing of all sound parameters using spectral visualization.

    It should also be mentioned that there is no limit to the number of tracks on the timeline.

    In the free version, the application does not apply watermarks, does not contain ads and offers, according to the developer, 90% of all the features available in the paid version.

    The paid pro version offers an extended collection of styles, settings, and effects with weekly updates and restocks. Pro subscription options are monthly, yearly, and perpetual.

    The application works without an Internet connection.

    Node VideoNode Video

    Power Director – Video Editor, Vlog and Movie Maker

    We consider the desktop version of Power Director video editor in the review of installable video editors for PC and Mac.

    The mobile version matches the desktop version as closely as possible. The app has a rich history, a large number of downloads, and a high rating.

    At its core, it’s a classic video editor with a timeline and tracks.

    The use of chromakey is possible, there is a video stabilizer, a blending mode with re-exposure effect, time control, modern and traditional effects, many templates, titles, stickers and transitions.

    There are preconfigured color filters and a selection of audio effects.

    In the free version, the app applies your own watermarks and supports HD 720p resolution. In the paid version, the resolution is up to 4K. It is possible to replace direct payment by viewing ads.

    In addition, the paid version provides access to a large collection of materials on Shutterstock, supports multi-layer editing.

    The app is well documented, the developer’s site has a lot of training videos, and Instagram regularly uploads video instructions on new features in the app.

    Power DirectorPower Director

    Splice – Video Editor and Maker

    Mobile video editor with a simple and concise interface in the style of apps for iPhones and iPads.

    Video and sound editing is done on a timeline with support for video and audio tracks. The app integrates with iTunes to download music and sound effects.

    The video editor itself is no surprise, it works very stable and offers a rich set of effects and transitions. The application does not have an explicit specialization.

    The main emphasis is on ease of use and intuitive interface with high quality of the final image.

    Overall, it’s a simple, convenient, and intuitive video editor.

    Subscription options are available with weekly, monthly and annual payment.


    Videoshop – Video Editor

    As its name suggests, the app aspires to the role of a versatile video editor.

    Editing is carried out in the usual way in the timeline, all video editing possibilities are available, there are built-in libraries of music and sound effects.

    In general, the application does not take up much space, it is simple and designed for inexperienced users.

    The interface is intuitive. The sets of effects and transitions are not very large, but they are enough. Everything was done quite well.

    An interesting feature of the editor is that it allows you to speed up and slow down selected parts of the video without cut and paste operations.

    The free version does not have a watermark and offers a sufficient set of tools and capabilities for most cases.


    Vimeo Create – Full-featured Video Editor from Vimeo

    Another mobile video editor from Vimeo. It is positioned as an application to create and edit videos for social networks, but in fact it covers all the options and formats of finished videos.

    Although definitely for social media, Instagram in particular, the app provides a great set of templates.

    Basically, access to a large number of templates of different themes and different formats distinguishes this video editor from many other mobile applications.

    You must understand that this difference is due to the specifics of the developer company.

    Basically, this mobile video editor is associated with the Vimeo platform itself, but you can only enjoy all its benefits with a paid subscription.

    There are many possibilities and templates of different types made by professionals available for free.

    All assets such as templates, music tracks, photos and videos are uploaded from the Vimeo cloud service. Therefore, the application requires a good Internet connection to work properly.

    With a paid subscription, the service allows the app to connect to a platform that contains more than 3 million video clips, 25 million images, and a massive library of licensed music.

    In this case, the user has the right to sell videos created with the application.


    VideoShow – Video Editor and Maker

    An all-in-one universal video editor positioned as a mobile video studio.

    It has full timeline editing features, a large number of templates and effects, the ability to add “video doodles” elements to add variety and flavor to the video sequence, several dozen effects, transitions, stickers, etc. animated fonts and titles; In general, the entire set of necessary accessories is available.

    The app is available for free. For a fee, a store with themes, effects, stickers, fonts, music, and sound effects is made available.

    The application has its own support for working with a video camera. Whether this offers any additional technical benefits is hard to say, but it definitely helps save time: no need to switch back and forth between the video editor and the phone’s video camera.


    VivaVideo – Video Editor and Maker

    Another mobile video studio based on the “all in one” principle. It includes tools to work with the camera and the video editor itself.

    The video editor is a classic type, with a timeline and support for tracks.

    The list of features is very long, we note the work with keyframes, good functions for editing slideshows, automatic background blur and orientation for work for TikTok (although, of course, all kinds of output formats are supported).

    The sets of transitions and effects are rich and varied, everything is done in a fairly good quality.

    There is a set of “cinematic” styles that you can apply to all of your video. These are simplified grading tools for ease of use with preset parameters.

    The application is free, you have to pay to remove watermarks.

    For this payment, collections of advanced effects are also connected and the possibility of creating videos in a resolution of up to 4K is added.


    Vlogit – Video Editor from WonderShare

    Free video editor specially created for video bloggers from Wondershare company, which produces a series of video applications under the general name of Filmora.

    Why did the company launch a separate video editor and how is it different from FilmoraGo?

    First of all, this is a video editor for those who maintain their own vlogs, no matter professionally or for their own pleasure.

    Therefore, the first thing the user sees is the means to create a personal brand, which can be saved, modified and applied to their videos.

    These are customizable animated thumbnails, pop-ups and pop-ups, stickers and social messages with invitations to like or follow, logo application tools, thumbnail/cover editor.

    In general, this application already contains a complete set of attributes, which usually requires additional work outside of the video editor.

    All of the above is meant to increase audience engagement.

    You could say that this is mostly relevant to vloggers, but the scope of this genre has become so vague recently, and the possibilities of mobile devices and social media have increased so much that every mobile phone owner who posts a video on TikTok or Instagram can be considered a video blogger.

    Therefore, we can safely classify this application as universal.

    Add to that a full-featured mobile video editor, social media capture tools, and support for all major output formats, and you have a great app for working with social media content.

    The application also contains a built-in library of music and sound effects, many filters and transitions, tools for color correction.

    The app is available for free. There are no watermarks on the video when using the free version, all major output formats are supported in HD 1080p.

    Additional editing options and a larger clipart set are available for a fee.


    Vlog Star – Video Editor

    A video editor with an advanced interface and a large set of modern effects, inscriptions, stickers and much more, without which there is no video for social networks today.

    The app mainly focuses on producing videos for TikTok and similar platforms.

    A wide range of thumbnails and end screens, video effects, color grading options, and preconfigured styles. Music library available.

    The video editor is functional and contains all the basic tools for mounting, editing, speed control and adjustable background blur.

    The application is distributed free of charge. The free version contains watermarks and ads.

    Vlog Star

    YouCut – Video Editor and Maker

    Another free video editor from the developer InShot.

    The main differences: the ability to change the scale of the timeline, when connecting a paid tariff plan it is possible to work in 4K resolution and use means to divide the current project into two independent exported videos.

    The app can extract music from TikTok videos to use during editing.

    All geometric video formats are supported, there are tools for working with preconfigured color and grading, sets of filters and effects; the entire set of mandatory features is implemented at a good technical level.

    The built-in video compressor allows you to control the volume and quality of the exported videos.


    Editorial opinion

    The options to choose from the group of mobile video editors are many today.

    Our review covers only part of this segment of apps, and we will try to cover as many apps as possible in future posts.

    Here are applications that, despite the declared universality, differ from each other, sometimes a lot.

    In one way or another, they all deserve attention and we hope that you will be able to choose among them exactly what you need to solve your needs.

    First of all, we will pay attention to video editors from well-known manufacturers, simply because they provide good documentation, publish detailed instructions and provide the opportunity to fully communicate with the support team.

    As for the reliability of the applications and their technical quality, as a rule, well-known and stable companies spend much more time and money on testing and fine-tuning their products.

    However, the fact that the unstable operation of mobile applications is observed more often when working with video, and this is due to the lack of computing resources, which can nullify this advantage.

    Eminent developers can lose out to small businesses on app originality simply because they can’t produce big changes quickly.

    Therefore, if you need something unusual, you will have to take the risk of not having enough support from the developer.

    Mobile video editors for all platforms

    There are 2 applications to work with Vimeo video hosting: Vimeo Create and Magisto.

    Among the applications that are not linked to third-party services and end platforms, we highlight FilmoraGo, KineMaster, Node Video, Power Director, Videoshop, VideoShow and VivaVideo.

    If your goal is to work actively on social networks like TikTok, Instagram, Likee – Funimate, Vlogit and VlogStar are the best for you.

    Android only mobile video editors

    Balanced and feature-rich application options: Film Maker Pro, Kizoa, InShot and YouCut.

    For quick social media video creation, Vlog Star stands out in this category.

    Mobile video editors for iOS only

    For Adobe Cloud users, there is no alternative to Adobe Spark Video.

    If you use Apple iTunes, then the choice you have is simple in all respects, but the Splice, quite powerful; and unprecedented in their capabilities, LumaFusion, are the ones we like better than others.

    Which video editing software to choose and how to do that

    How to pick best video editing apps for creating videos on Android and iOS devices

    Top 20 Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS
    Top 20 Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS