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Video Editor Online: Top Video Editing Apps for Your Browser

    Last Updated on 17.09.2022

    Online video editor can be a good substitute for a regular one if you have a less powerful computer, for example, a fairly simple laptop.

    Free and Versatile Online Video Editors

    Video editors that do not require any fees are collected here.

    Please note that in the following group there are many services that offer a free rate plan with a range of acceptable possibilities for simple tasks.

    Movie Maker Online: for slideshows, short videos and music videos

    We also include this service in our free video editors review. Does not require mandatory registration; all options are immediately available in the browser window. In case you want to register, the service can store your files so that you can access them at a convenient time from any device, as well as (at your option) publish ready-made videos to social networks.

    The service is designed to work with short videos and allows you to perform all the basic operations, as well as perform simple transformations and add titles, effects, transitions, reverse and change the speed of the video.

    Movie Maker Online

    Online Video Cutter: Simple and Fast

    The service is totally consistent with the name. It allows:

    • upload a file from the cloud (GoogleDrive, DropBox), from an online resource (by link), or by dragging and dropping from a local drive,
    • crop the frame and resize the sides,
    • rotate video in 90 degree increments,
    • cut the video according to the timeline.

    The service does not require registration. User files are stored along with session data for several hours and then deleted from the server.

    Online Video Cutter

    Video 2 Edit – Free Video Editor & Converter Online

    This free service was included in this section of the review because it has only one subscription option. All its functions are available, with some restrictions or others, for free.

    In fact, the service provides many more tools than just an editor and converter. It provides tools to perform primitive and monotonous routine tasks.

    It would be more correct to say that it is not a video editor, but a set of simple tools (more than 20 tools in total) to perform simple operations. All these tools cannot replace a “real” video editor, but they can help in real life.

    Actually, why waste time in the usual scenario of working with the editor and looking for the necessary menu items and settings when performing each operation, if you can simply drag and drop the file into the window of a cropping tool , rotate, compress or convert from one format to another?

    In general, the service is specific and not suitable for everyone, but with a large number of routine operations with short videos, it can save considerable time.

    The service has 2 free rate plans. Without payment and without registration, you can work with a small number of very short videos, after registration the restrictions become less strict, with a monthly payment, additional opportunities appear.

    Video 2 Edit

    VideoToolBox: Free Online Tools for Video Editing

    We have already included this service in our previous review of free video editors, because it provides a number of tools that are typical for applications of this type.

    What you can do:

    • import video files,
    • capture video from a webcam or other device,
    • trim video files on the timeline,
    • merge video files into a single track,
    • crop and frame the image,
    • extract audio or video tracks (demultiplexing),
    • add the watermarks you want,
    • add titles,
    • export the result to a file of the required format,
    • maintain a list of tasks and manage their implementation.

    All major audio and video file formats are supported. The service does not put its own watermarks.

    You need to register to work. The registered user gets 1500 MB of disk space, with which he can work as with his own. You can store your data for as long as you want, access to it is maintained for the entire duration of the account.


    The Often Forgotten Online App – YouTube Video Editor

    Yes, exactly. A simple video editor that YouTubers work with if they don’t need complex editing. Storytellers, cooks, instructors, entertainers…

    Fully functional tool that allows you to perform the necessary operations.

    And most importantly: free and uncomplicated in any way.

    The user of this service will have no idea that something is threatening his intellectual property if he works with this tool. In addition, the result can be published immediately on YouTube.

    Basically, comments are unnecessary.

    It is simply incomprehensible why so many people do not even remember this tool, and for simple jobs torment themselves and their laptops by installing and exploiting special programs.

    And the result is then published on YouTube.

    YouTube Editor

    Versatile Paid Online Video Editors With a Free Plan

    The largest group, because we are used to using the minimum or trial version for free and paying for additional features. This scheme has become traditional, but it has variations, and we will draw your attention to talk about not so common options.

    Many video editors in this group have free companion apps for a wide variety of tasks.

    Be careful! It is the presence of additional tools that may affect your choice, because such tools in some cases complement the main video editor very significantly.

    Animoto – a Powerful Online Video Editor That is Easy and Simple to Work With

    A video creation service for users with no experience in video editing. Like most online video creation and editing systems, the platform provides access to a large collection of templates.

    The themes of the templates are very diverse, from the creation of home videos to special ones for different types of businesses (real estate, education, photography, e-commerce). There are different technical varieties of templates for social media, posting to video hosting sites, burning to DVD, etc.

    Access to licensed music tracks and stock photos and videos is provided.

    Overall, the service makes a very good impression of a balanced and complete solution for online video creation and editing.

    In free mode, the service applies your own watermarks and provides full access to all video editing tools. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the number of videos created and downloaded in HD 720p standard definition. Only access to creative resources is limited: 50 music tracks, 3 standard fonts and 30 color schemes are available.

    Payment: by subscription, monthly or once a year.


    ClipChamp: Online Video Editor, Compressor, Converter and Recorder

    The service provides:

    • handy video editor,
    • a huge library of templates,
    • video capture tools,
    • very fast rendering.

    What is especially noteworthy is the screenshot tool. Image capture from a webcam is a common feature, but screen recording directly in a browser app is still rare.

    The payment system is combined. Various cheap tariff plans and connection of specific services are offered for one-time payments.

    For example, if you use a free rate plan, the service places its own watermarks on your videos. A one-time payment allows you to get rid of them.

    The user of this service pays for the functions and tools that he needs.


    FastReel – a Simple and Convenient Online Video Editor

    Movavi is known for developing a number of end-user software, including simple video editors for Windows and MacOS. A distinctive feature of Movavi programs are clear and intuitive interfaces.

    If you already use the products of this company, then you will master the interface of the online video editor right away. If you have no prior experience with Movavi software, it will only take a few minutes.

    It is really very easy to work. All necessary tools are available. The video editor does not have a special focus, but it can create videos for any platform with the required frame format. There is also a library of templates that can make this part of the job even easier.

    The video editor has a set of filters and effects, the service provides music clipart.

    In free mode, only SD 480p resolution is available; the service applies its own watermark to the video.

    Instead of subscription, you can pay for each video download in HD 1080p resolution without watermark. It costs $5.95 per download. Of course, it is more profitable to pay USD 19.95 per month (or USD 9.95 per month if you pay for a year) and use the unlimited plan.


    FlexClip: Online Video Editor to Create Marketing Videos and Family Stories

    The service is designed to create videos using templates with a ready-made design. There are many templates, they are conveniently arranged by thematic categories and formats.

    There is no point in listing templates. Interestingly, of the services included in the review, only this one contains the “TikTok” line in the template category.

    In principle, there is nothing surprising about this, considering that geometrically and technically, the TikTok format does not differ in any way from the Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels formats, only the maximum duration is different.

    The surprising thing is that the rest of the participants in such a dynamic market have not yet had time to respond to the rapid promotion and consolidation of TikTok in the positions of one of the world leaders among social networks.

    The platform provides:

    • hundreds of video templates,
    • tools for editing, mounting, converting, – a complete set,
    • filters, effects, titles, animation tools, work with sound,
    • access to stock video material,
    • a large collection of sample videos on various topics.

    The free tariff plan is only suitable for getting acquainted with the capabilities of the platform.


    Flixier – the Fastest Online Video Editor

    A platform for creating and editing videos online.

    It focuses on social networks, but allows you to create videos in free format.

    It has tools for capturing video from a webcam and screen, supports the classic timeline, works with chromakey, provides access to media libraries, and provides plenty of filters, effects, and transitions.

    He seems to be just like everyone else. Where is the speed gain and where does it come from? Is there any?

    First, the representation itself. Usually, when we first get acquainted with an online service or a normal video editor installed on a computer, we simply assume that rendering the video and generating a file ready for publication will simply take a reasonable amount of time, which in any case You’ll have to wait.

    But in the case of an editor installed on the local computer, we can affect the rendering speed to some extent, for example, closing unnecessary applications. But what if you’ve prepared a video in an online editor and the server just loads more than usual?

    In any case, the user of the online service cannot influence the rendering speed. Flixier claims that high processing speed is its main core advantage. Up to 3 minutes and no more.

    Second, the editing process itself. It is intuitive and simple. It’s hard to surprise or get ahead of someone here, but this service has some success at that, too. The editor is very good.

    Third, the built-in libraries include many animated elements that can make the editing process less demanding on the main footage and even help hide its flaws. Less fine work, less wasted time.

    Fourth, in our opinion, what mainly differentiates this platform from the others is the possibility of teamwork “like in Google Docs”.

    The platform provides free access: you can create videos in HD 720p resolution up to 10 minutes per month (the number of videos is not limited), use up to 2 GB of disk space, and use media libraries. Video capture and some other features are not available. The service applies its own watermarks to the exported videos.
    Paid tariff plans have much more options: all tools are available, large export volumes and higher resolutions, including 4K.

    Free use requires registration.


    Kapwing: a Video, Image and GIF Online Editing Platform

    The platform offers various applications.

    The main product, Studio, provides the integration of prepared assets into the video and its complete editing. It includes stand-alone tools for solving specific tasks, from working with photos or creating a collage to exporting the finished work in the desired format.

    The entire list of tools presented on the site should be perceived as separate entry points to Studio, otherwise a false perception of the platform as a collection of different programs may arise. In fact, all funds are combined within the platform and the transition from one operation to another does not require any special effort.

    There is a collection of collages, memes and Instagram stories.

    The service positions itself as a free set of tools and capabilities, and this is true. You can do for free:

    • upload up to 250 MB of media data,
    • create videos up to 7 minutes long,
    • produce up to 3 hours of video per month,
    • store your media data on the platform server for up to 2 days,
    • Use all tools without restrictions.

    The service does not leave its watermarks on users’ videos. This is a principled position, because this platform considers watermarks to be bad.

    There is only one paid plan, it costs 20 USD per month. You can create videos up to 1 hour long, upload files up to 2GB and custom fonts, and access premium features.


    Kizoa: a Cloud Video Editing Service for Professional Work

    This is really a cloud service.

    Here we will consider only tools for working with video, but in addition, the service provides disk space for storing multimedia data (no volume limit is set!) and tools for working with photos (retouching RAW files and a collage editor).

    To work with videos, the service has a video editor that works in a browser window. The video editor has an intuitive interface and includes everything you need to work. Lots of video effects, lots of transitions, lots of title options.

    The payment method is not typical for cloud services. There is no subscription, instead there are 5 types of perpetual license, including a free one.

    In the free version, the service allows you to edit short videos (up to 1 minute) in HD 720p resolution and provides 1 GB of disk space. The service puts its own watermarks on the video. It is enough for the presentation.

    The most complete Business plan ($299.99) allows you to work in 4K 2160p resolution and use unlimited space.


    SumoVideo: Simple Online Video Editor and Other Applications

    The service offers a group of applications to work with various types of resources.

    The video editor has a classic style interface with a timeline and tracks. It gets up and running very quickly, is intuitive and requires no learning or habituation. Everything is done simply and conveniently, it was designed for an inexperienced user.

    In the video editor, you can assemble a simple video, render and download the result.

    Compatible with all browsers and device types.

    The service has three tariff plans: free, Pro (9 USD per month) and student (2 USD per month).

    Free plan has limited access to tools, Pro has no special restrictions, Student offers communication and planning tools.


    VEED – a Simple and Powerful Online Video Editor to Create Videos Quickly

    A true comprehensive solution. The service does not have an explicit specialization. Among the application areas, in addition to the traditionally mentioned social networks, the creation of memes and video banners, types of work such as “reusing” video are mentioned.

    This refers to the usual situation: when the original video was recorded in a specific frame format, it was edited for a specific medium and with its own timing. But you need to quickly make a short video out of it with different frame rates. Either you have a podcast or you want to make a video version of it…

    Here this is easy. Nothing special, apparently. But this platform has a video editor interface focused on life situations as simple and annoying as the ones we just mentioned.

    We also noticed that the service is well documented and is accompanied by a lot of simple and visual instructions to solve specific problems. Much can be found on the website of the service, there is also a channel with instructions in the form of videos on YouTube.

    The service has all the necessary tools to import video and capture from a webcam and screen, edit and edit, filters, effects, tools to work with titles, overlay images and paint on the video.

    In the free version, you can create videos up to 10 minutes long, use up to 2 GB of disk space, and work with videos in HD 720p resolution. The number of projects is not limited, nor is the number of finished video downloads. In the upper left corner of your videos, the service applies its own watermarks and there is no technical support.

    If you pay 15 USD per month, the service has no watermark, the resolution is increased to HD 1080p, the disk memory is up to 20 GB, and the video length is up to 25 minutes. Also, you can chat with technical support.

    For $30 per month, the storage will be 100 GB, the maximum video length is 2 hours, and the resolution is up to 4K. In addition, tools for video localization, translation, and downloading of titles, as well as support for user branding, are available.

    Payment: monthly or annual (with a 20% discount).


    VideoCreek: a Versatile Online Video Editor at a Reasonable Price

    An advanced all-in-one video editor to create videos up to 15 minutes long in HD 720p and HD 1080p. The result can be downloaded in MP4 and MOV formats.

    The interface is classic with a timeline and tracks, very elaborate, clear and simple. There are many templates and tutorials for different uses.

    The free tariff plan is available after registration. Video editing possibilities are not limited, but you cannot export more than 60 videos with service watermarks per month.

    If you pay $20 per month, no watermarks will be applied. If you pay $60 per month, the restrictions on the number of videos exported are removed. The immediate payment of the year is made with a 50% discount.

    The service provides access to several large stock media libraries. With an unlimited rate, access is not limited. The free and starter plans offer up to 300 images and/or videos per month.

    The service allows you to create arbitrary videos, videos for various social networks and YouTube, video thumbnails and banners.


    WeVideo: an Online Video Editor for Everyone

    What is written in the title is literally the same as what it says on the official website. The service is a video editor with classic functionality.

    The term “publish” within the service doesn’t mean at all what you might think. It simply means rendering the video on the service’s premises, after which the video appears in the “published” list and the author can download it from the server for later use.

    The service can capture videos from the user’s computer screen.

    For the creation of videos, it is proposed to use templates in the areas collected in thematic collections:

    • business,
    • training videos,
    • home videos,
    • for YouTube and Facebook.

    With a paid subscription, you have access to very large libraries of video, audio, and photo content.

    In the free version, you can edit up to 5 minutes of video per month at SD 480p resolution and use 1 GB of disk space. The service puts its own watermarks on the video. Libraries with content are not available.


    Universal paid online video editors

    Is this the top league of online video publishers and services?

    The most powerful, advanced, original and unique.

    This is what we can expect from them. Is it true or not? We have selected several services to compare them.

    Everyone has a trial period, without which a choice simply cannot be made. The services of this group offer many possibilities and it takes time to become familiar with them.

    In reality, there are very few universal paid online services: the competition from free services and services with viable free tariff plans is too strong.

    Animaker: Online Video Editor for Everything and Everyone

    Yes, that’s what it says. And also for every idea, every story and everything else. Another example of a video editor for those with no experience.

    The feature set is standard for a service with such positioning: a huge, gigantic number of customizable templates, access to stock media, animated titles, transitions, filters, zoom, pan, thumbnails, and voiceover from a microphone. And of course tools for editing and assembling in an incredibly simple timeline.

    Paired with the platform’s main app: separate apps for creating 2D animations, infographics, vertical videos, GIFs, thumbnails for YouTube, text-to-speech translation (25 languages ​​and 50+ voices), and organizing teamwork (not in video projects, without more, for example, with students). In fact, there are many more products, only the main ones are listed here.

    It seems that there is nothing unusual, except for the subtitle “Swiss Army Knife for Creativity”.

    Unusual: Very advanced and really cool tools for creating and editing 2D hand-drawn animations. This is probably reflected in the name of the service.

    Plus: a tool to create animated GIFs. This format, one of the oldest, experienced a renaissance with the start of the social media boom, but there was no boom in funding for its creation. There is such a tool here.

    The “live” video editing tools are very simple and effective.

    Another unexpected and unusual thing: support for 2K and 4K resolutions in higher tariff plans.

    In principle, there is a free tariff, but it is only suitable for getting acquainted with the service, and the paid tariffs are slightly higher than those of the competition. Therefore, we classify the service as a paid service.

    Each tariff plan limits the main parameters by the number of operations that consume the most resources, disk space and video resolution.

    Tariff plans are very detailed and provided with explanations, which is also unusual.

    In general, the service seems to be very complete and well thought out.


    Clideo: Online Video Editing Software Package

    Like other video tools based on the same principle, the Clideo service provides a large set of independent lightweight applications that allow you to solve specific tasks in a browser window.

    It is very easy to work with the service. You need to select a tool, import the original files (from your local computer, from GoogleDrive or Dropbox), in the opened window make the available settings and click the “Create” button and download the result after rendering.

    In addition to these applications, the service contains a large number of individual posts with instructions for performing specific actions with a video to obtain the desired result.

    The service does not offer anything else.

    The full suite of tools is available for $9/month or $72/year.


    Magisto: Online Video Editor for Vimeo and More

    The service is owned by Vimeo, one of the world’s leading video hosting platforms. Vimeo is a platform used by people who make short movies instead of simple videos.

    The video editor is designed to create videos up to 10 minutes long.

    Magisto video editor has three price plans, and the most affordable of them (Premium) does not have a trial period.

    For 10 USD per month, you can use all the features of the video editor and create videos with no limit on the number of downloads. This tariff plan is recommended for individual users.

    This tariff plan gives access to the platform only through a browser.

    In the Professional and Business tariff plans, the service also offers access to the video editor from special applications for iOS and Android. When working from a mobile device, you can create HD 720p and HD 1080p resolution videos when working through a browser. In the rest, the possibilities when using the mobile and browser versions for these tariff plans are the same.

    The Professional and Business pricing plans also automatically provide access to the main Vimeo service according to their pricing plans, which are named Pro and Business, respectively. This means that the capabilities of a video editor and video host are combined (but not summarized).

    When you subscribe to the Professional plan, you get the opportunity to use licensed music, access to a wealth of stock media assets, advanced editing capabilities, branding tools, and the full Vimeo Pro hosting package, including 1TB of disk space per year.

    The Business plan adds many features, such as branding and email marketing, exporting videos to Facebook Ads Manager, posting videos to social networks and websites with advanced analytics, priority service, and Vimeo Business hosting pack, which includes 5 TB of disk space.


    Panzoid: 3 Essential Tools for Editing Videos Online

    The Panzoid platform provides 3 online tools that make up a single package for working with videos.

    Clipmaker is a simple visual editor to create 2D and 3D animations: thumbnails, labels, buttons.

    Backgrounder is a simple visual editor to create backgrounds, graphics to decorate video channels and arbitrary images.

    Video Editor is a video editor with timeline and tracks.

    The platform is supported by a community, not a company. The tariff plans are very simple, they only indicate the number of videos created and the storage quota on the hard drive. There is no free rate plan. The functionality for all tariff plans is the same, you can check the operation of the programs for free and without registration directly in the browser window.


    Editorial opinion

    In our opinion, the choice of platform is determined in this case mainly by the purpose of creating the video.

    Unlike installable video editors, online services are somehow limited by the resources provided or, in conditions of fierce and very fast rivalry, distance themselves from competitors by offering something unique.

    With the term “online competition” we mean the user’s ability to compare services very quickly. This feature is simply because there is no installation step and the interfaces of the online tool are extremely simple and can be mastered in minutes.

    Therefore, in choosing it, the user, of course, is guided by the correspondence of the capabilities of the service with his tasks. At the same time, he shouldn’t be chasing unlimited volumes and ultra-high resolutions. It is better to choose the technical level required in terms of quality and ease of use and additional services needed rather than paying for “unlimited” which will never be needed.

    Our Pick: The Best Online Video Editors

    A free tool for all occasions: VideoToolBox. Simple and unpretentious, but it’s probably not possible to find a better one that’s free.

    Among the versatile video editors for which editing and assembly come first, we highlight Kizoa and Flixier.

    Magisto Video Editor and Vimeo Hosting are the perfect solution if YouTube isn’t right for you because of Some reason.

    A video editor for all occasions: Animaker. For handymen, for home, for school, for small businesses.

    Which video editing software to choose and how to do that

    How to Choose a Website to Edit Videos Online

    Video Editor Online: Top Video Editing Apps for Your Browser
    Video Editor Online: Top Video Editing Apps for Your Browser