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Websites to draw – the best services and apps

    Last Updated on 13.09.2022

    The idea of ​​​​an application for drawing something on a computer screen, which is understandable even for children, is implemented in many variants on various specialized sites.

    It should be noted that free digital drawing with pencil or brush doesn’t monetize well online, so there aren’t many noteworthy apps out there.

    Our review only includes a small proportion of such applications in its entirety, but this is, in fact, only the beginning of a discussion of this segment.

    We will continually increase the number of online drawing apps we review as interest continues to grow.

    Like apps for creating other types of content, drawing apps already follow the traditional path of online solutions: they go crowdsourced.

    Collective drawing in itself is quite a peculiar activity, but for the purpose of jointly discussing creative and technical topics, or when conducting online lessons, or simply sharing inspiring experiences, such applications can be simply irreplaceable.

    If at the same time we take into account that modern development tools allow you to create such drawing applications that work directly in the browser window and do not create additional load on the server, it becomes clear that such a type of drawing certainly has a certain perspective.

    At least because you can draw on a simple computer, a low-power laptop or a weak tablet, even with a low-speed Internet connection. This is a very loose technology in terms of resources.

    The ability to connect to the drawing process of other users, who may be thousands of miles apart, opens up exciting avenues for creativity and communication. In this mode of operation, the speed of the Internet connection is certainly very important.


    An application for collective creativity and learning.

    The application has a classic, simple and direct interface. There is a help file that lists the operations for working with various tools and indicates the corresponding hotkeys.

    Working with layers is supported, all basic operations and various types of blending are available. The drawing tools are simple: pencil and brush, but with advanced and detailed settings. Stroke stabilization works fine.

    The edited image can be any size. The main working file format is PNG. JPG and PSD (import and export) and GIF (import only) file formats are also supported. You can export layers as separate files.

    To organize the collective work in a drawing, just copy the URL from the browser search line and send it to everyone who will participate in the overall process.

    The service is available free of charge, registration is required for full work. You can also install the app as a browser plug-in. The application allows work with Windows-compatible styluses and drawing tablets.



    A pixelated graphics application.

    There are several image sizes you can choose from when creating a file, or change it during editing. The minimum size is 64×64 and the maximum is 1280×1024 pixels.

    For drawing, as expected for pixelated graphics, a resizable pen and background fill tool are available. Also included are all the basic editing tools and a tool to detect missing (unpainted) pixels.

    There is the possibility to select rectangular areas, a reflection tool, an eraser and a tool to remove a specific color from the edited image are available.

    The application works with standard GIF files and files in the proprietary DINO format. Results can be downloaded to a local drive or saved to the service’s gallery.

    The application is free, registration is required for normal operation.
    After registration, it is possible to work in a supported service community.



    A simple free drawing app.

    The application allows you to create both static and animated images (up to 20 frames). The size of the image can be selected from the proposed options or set manually.

    The application allows you to draw with pencil and brush, as well as create objects from patterns of existing geometric shapes and add text. When creating a new object, the application automatically creates a new layer.

    The interface of the application is simple and intuitive, but if you wish, you can even simplify the interface further: just select the “Minimalist” mode in the top menu of the application and a version of the application with a much simpler interface will be available. will open in a new window.

    The main file format of the application is PNG, but the GIF format is also available for exporting animations and files can be imported for editing in various formats.

    The app also allows you to save up to 11 drawings directly to the service’s website for further work. In this case, the user is identified without the need for registration.

    The service is free to use.



    An application to draw small color sketches

    This app looks very simple, but it has many features that are hidden in the tool settings.

    The available painting tools are simple and circular brushes, various objects (polygons, stars, gears), and text and fill tools.

    There are several ways to paint both the outlines and the interior of the objects you create. Simple colors, gradients and colored textures can be used. You can select Normal mode or Backlight mode when painting.

    The ability to control color transparency using a simple, visual window with an original slider is very convenient.

    Gradients are linear, they can contain an arbitrary number of colors, you can control the position of the colors in the gradient field, the angle of the gradient relative to the canvas, and its transparency.

    The application has ready-to-use color sets in the form of various thematic palettes (after selection, the color can be adjusted), texture sets (textures initially have a color, but this can change when the color is selected and corrected). current) and gradient sets (the selected gradient can also be adjusted).

    The app allows you to save your sketch in PNG format by right-clicking on the image field.

    You can use the app for free and without registration.



    An advanced drawing application.

    It’s simple in terms of interface, but the app is quite powerful, with tablet support.

    With this app, you can create and edit images of any hand-entered size or choose from a number of ready-to-use sizes. The application can import files of various formats and save them in PNG (single layer file or all layers separately) and PSD formats. The file in its current state can be saved directly to the browser for later editing on the same device.

    The application allows the use of layers (with a maximum of 8 layers). Layers can be renamed and merged, you can set your own blend type for each layer.

    The application supports various image editing, transformation, color correction and adjustment operations. Depending on the type and nature of the selected operation, the application offers the possibility to apply it to individual layers, the selected (current) layer, or the entire image as a combination of layers.

    A set of brushes with customizable options is available to draw freely. Each type of brush has its own set of customizable parameters. For all types of brushes, you can set the motion stabilization mode.

    The application is free, does not require registration and accepts voluntary payments. There is documentation with tips, process descriptions, and a list of video tutorials.

    The app is compatible with tablets with a stylus. When working with conventional mobile devices, basic gestures can be used.


    Magma Studio

    An application for a team of professionals.

    This is an advanced drawing application that has a set of different brushes, supports work with layers (standard operations with layers and the possibility of specifying a blending mode for each layer).

    The app has a classic interface. It has a standard menu of actions with files, editing operations and display control, as well as operation panels for performing transformations and drawing as such.

    The application’s drawing capabilities are quite typical for this segment, but its main purpose is to work collectively using cloud services.

    To organize teamwork, you can send the URL to an arbitrary user or use special tools to provide access to other registered users.

    The app can be used for free or for a fee. The free plan limits the maximum image size to 1920×1920 pixels, only allows you to save the image with all its layers merged, and provides access to a limited set of brushes.

    Paid tariff plans remove restrictions on the size of the canvas and brushes provided, as well as allowing you to use the cloud service to store your files.

    In addition to all of the above, the application is part of a service that supports the work of the professional community and there are additional opportunities available to users who are registered.

    Magma Studio


    An application where everyone draws.

    This app is part of a community made up of art lovers from all over the world. To start drawing, you can join the creation of a drawing of a well-known community member or “tramp”, or start your drawing and invite your friends and everyone who wants to participate in the drawing.

    The toolkit is pretty simple. However, when working with a tablet, the app works fine with the stylus and is able to process information about the force of the pressure.

    In a nutshell, this app is for those who can and love to draw.
    The service is free, voluntary payments are accepted (in this case, the community member receives additional tools and opportunities).



    An application to make drawings and sketches

    The application has a very simple and intuitive interface. Layers are supported (up to 4 layers), you can draw and edit the image.

    The main tools are the fill tool and the brush.

    There is also an original tool that works with the current brush settings – you can draw an arbitrary outline, which is automatically closed and filled with color.

    Colors are chosen from a fixed palette, brushes from a fairly varied fixed set. Also, you can adjust the transparency of the color and the size of the brush.

    The service that provides access to the application maintains a community of users who can display their work and rate the work of others.

    The finished work can be published in the gallery of the service or downloaded in JPG format.

    The app is free to use. Registration is required to participate in the community.



    Website and social platform of pixelated graphics.

    You can create images ranging in size from 8×8 to 700×700 pixels.

    The application has a classic interface, can work with layers and allows you to save the results in your own format on the disk space of the service, as well as download it in GIF and PNG formats. If necessary, you can import a file from a local drive; the app supports many common formats.
    When working with layers, you can perform basic operations as well as adjust the transparency of each layer.

    There are several tools for painting, including some not quite typical for this type of application: pencil, brush, line, ellipse, rectangle, fill, lighten and shadow, diffuser, gradient and stamp.

    To work with color, a complete set of thematic collections of preset palettes is provided, tools to generate a palette based on any image and the function of being able to generate custom palettes with the possibility of exporting them.

    When working with a large number of layers, this set of tools allows you to achieve expressive results.

    The app has a built-in image tracer that can be activated in the workspace settings box.

    The app is free. To participate in the community, you must register. Members in the United States can sell their work on the service’s user community site.



    Advanced drawing web application.

    The application interface is clear and intuitive, but very rich, since a large number of tools are available to the user.

    The application allows you to work with layers and perform simple operations on them, and you can apply those same operations simultaneously to a group of layers. There is a context menu available for each layer.

    To draw, you can use brushes (there are several types of brushes that can be customized), symmetrical objects, vector objects, stamps (over 1000), and various arrows.

    To paint areas, you can choose a fill method: vector or raster. With the raster method, different types of gradients are available, with the vector method, different blending methods are available relative to the previous objects and layers.

    Additionally, you can use objects drawn from clipart and create text objects. When working with text, you can select a font from a large collection of clearly displayed fonts and adjust the parameters of the text object.

    Choosing a new tool, you can choose how to place the future object, creating a new layer or using the selected one.

    The finished drawing can be printed, saved in the application format, downloaded as a file of the chosen format (JPEG, PNG, SVG, PDF) or published on the selected social network.

    The app is free to use, no registration is required.


    Sketch Toy

    A very simple drawing application.

    This app is exactly what its name says. It is so simple that even a child can handle it, and its creative possibilities are at the level of a children’s toy.

    However, this application can also be useful: with it you can quickly make a simple color sketch and send a link to it by mail, using messenger, a social network or download it as a PNG file to your computer’s hard drive.

    Of the drawing tools, only the brush is available, for which you can choose its size and color. And for the sketch as a whole, you can also set the level of “shake of the stroke” (why it is necessary: the developers did not indicate it).

    If you want to use an existing image as a template for outlining, you can simply “drag” it onto the canvas directly from your hard drive.
    The application is free and does not require registration.

    Sketch Toy

    Slimber Painter

    A simple free drawing app

    The set of tools includes: a pencil, an airbrush and an eraser. You can set the size of the tool and its transparency (the transparency of the eraser is also adjustable). When drawing, you can change the image scale in the browser window.

    The color is selected using an RGB palette or specified in a hexadecimal code.
    These simple tools work reasonably well and predictably, and can be configured quite precisely. Its capabilities are sufficient for an experienced drawing user to quickly draw a fairly high-quality drawing or sketch.

    The application is free, registration is required to download and save the resulting images. After registration, functions related to the activity of the application user community are also available.

    Slimber Painter


    A fire and smoke drawing app.

    Of course, if you can draw with your hands, then with this app you can draw whatever you want.

    But the drawing will look very original and peculiar, because there is only one tool available for drawing – a brush that draws with translucent strokes, the size and shape of which are not adjustable, but are associated with the dynamics of movement of the mouse or stylus.

    The canvas color is black.

    Overall, this is a great app to relax or to create those drawings that can be drawn with such a peculiar brush. For example, a beautiful mandala.

    When drawing, you can choose one of 8 basic colors, set the center symmetry multiplicity, use line symmetry, or draw spirals around the center.

    The finished drawing can be saved in PNG format. You can also share the link to your drawing on social networks, send it by mail or copy it for later use.



    An original minimalist sketch editor

    Another app that works with only one original drawing tool. In this case, it is similar to drawing with patches, whose starting angles are fixed at the moment of clicking the mouse or stylus on the canvas.

    The canvas color is white.

    In the process of drawing, you can use various shapes of the brush, adjust its size and opacity, as well as choose a color. The color is chosen only visually, no codes are used. Additionally, you can use horizontal or vertical line symmetry, or a combination of both.

    The application interface has a very laconic and peculiar design and requires the user to get used to it. The only way to get used to it is to experimentally try all the settings, as some of them are not intuitively clear.

    If the process of getting used to it is slow, then it would be better for you to familiarize yourself with the concise, but understandable and extensive usage information available. You can also see working samples in the app gallery and video tutorials.

    In addition to relaxation, the application is ideal for creating decorative backgrounds. Although the artist can certainly find other ways to use it, for example to draw plants, faces or other peculiar looking objects.

    When you draw on a touch device, you can use standard gestures.
    You can save the results to PNG and SVG files.

    The application is free, no registration is required.


    YouiDraw Painter

    A simple drawing app

    This application has a very simple and intuitive interface of a classic type and allows you to freely create drawings of any size.

    In the list of drawing tools are available: a pen (various types), a brush (various types) and a fill tool. For outlines and fills, you can select a simple color, gradient, and texture separately.

    There is also a collection of premade geometric objects and a text tool. Also, if necessary, you can add a file from a local drive to the image.

    The result can be saved in PNG format.

    The app is free to use, no registration is required.

    YouiDraw Painter


    Simple drawing applications

    This group is the largest, it includes applications that do not require special experience or trained skills to work.

    But this does not mean that they are useful only for beginners or only for children. For carrying out simple or specific operations, some of them may be of interest to professionals.

    This group includes applications such as Dinopixel, DrawIsland, Galactic, PencilMadness, SketchToy , Slimber Painter, WeaveSilk, Webchemy, YouiDraw Painter.

    Advanced drawing applications

    To this group we include applications aimed at users who know how to draw with their hands and work consciously to achieve complex results.

    Such applications accurately convey brush movements, have a fairly serious set of tools, work with layers, provide image editing tools, standard and original brushes, and allow you to make various changes and transformations.

    This group includes apps like Kleki, PixilArt, SketchPad.

    Collective work applications

    This group of apps is heterogeneous, simply because different developers have struggled to create apps focused on different tasks.

    Here are also suitable tools for teaching children to draw and for the collective discussion of arbitrary technical and creative problems, and for the actual creation of genre drawings by whole creative groups.

    This group of apps includes: Aggie, Magma Studio, Malmal.

    Websites to draw - the best services and apps
    Websites to draw – the best services and apps